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For Hair Loss After Childbirth

Physical and hormonal changes occur not only during pregnancy but after kehamilanpun that change can still be felt even three to six months. One of the visible physical changes after childbirth is more hair loss than usual. Many mothers are surprised to find many strands of hair left in the comb or when shampooing especially mothers who first become pregnant. What actually happens in the body of the mother after giving birth to her hair fall out? The condition of hair loss after childbirth is called Telogen effluvium. This happens not only in women who had completed delivery but also the excessive hair loss after major surgery and in acute stress.Cara merawat rambut yang baik dan benar



causes of excessive hair loss after giving birth

hair loss after giving birth
In mothers who gave birth usually starts in the third to sixth months. According to experts, Telogen effluvium (TE) is a normal condition but still need to get the attention that can be quickly stopped. Aside from the influence of hormones TE can be worsened by physical or mental fatigue, which is why stress management is required.

The hair fall out and grow back on its density maternal different from pregnant women during or before pregnancy. Besides the hair growth process also has been slow to 12 months. Despite growing again but necessary efforts to nourish the hair should be continued.

To speed up the process of hair growth is highly advised to drink plenty of water, increase the intake of protein, vegetables and fruit. At the time of comb, comb hair gently with a fine-tooth comb tenuous. Hair tonics and food supplements are also necessary, but it is better to consult a doctor because there are several types of supplements are not recommended for women after childbirth.

Sedangka things that should not be done is to use hair straigtener, hair dryer and shower / wash using warm water. Avoid combing hair while still wet because it is easier to fall and fracture. By the time the hair is still wet enough comb using hands only.

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