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Function and Symptoms N Nutrient Deficiency In Plants

Nitrogen (N) is one type or element that is important and necessary nutrients for plant growth. It is known that the main source of most of the elements of nitrogen in the soil is found in soil organic matter.


Besides the availability of soil organic matter turns Nitrogen also there and can diproleh from the N2 gas in the atmosphere by way of tethering or fixation of nitrogen. Tethering can naturally be caused by microorganisms that soil bacteria and algae that are in airserta can also be of particular atmospheric phenomenon, such as lightning.



Actually Nitrogen has many forms, but only a few that can be utilized by plants, form that can be utilized by the plant are nitrate ions (NO 3) and also the ammonium ion (NH4 +), the two ions will form a material such complex into an acid – amino acids and nucleic acids where it causes acid acid will be directly absorbed by plants

On the condition of the soil pH is low kondosi ino nitrate would be much more easily absorbed by plants when in bandingakan with ammonium ions, whereas at high pH opposite of ion Ammonium would be much higher absorbed by plants, whereas in the neutral ground known absorption process occurs balanced.

bnayak once the function of this nitrogen for plant growth include: improving the structure of vegetative growth in plants. Plants growing on soil available N haran element, then the color of the leaves will be green. while other functions are in the formation of proteins in plants.

Symptoms of nutrient nitrogen initially marked by the changing color of the leaves become light green and then to yellow is perfect, then the leaf tissue will slowly dry out and have mmati and warnya brown. in the process of fertilization, the fruit produced is not perfect, with a small form factor and can not seeprti usually cook prematurely.

Now that I am writing this occasion the “Function and Symptom N Nutrient Deficiency In Plants”.

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