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Go! This is he 5 Effect of Caffeine For Your Body – Looks like caffeine have become part of the lifestyle of man and even caffeine now becoming a necessity for some people. Imagine, the compound caffeine every day, always consumed and tub basic needs, if not consumed caffeine one will experience less complete his days. Caffeine is widely consumed by many people usually come in the form of drinks or snacks as including coffee, tea, soda, chocolate and others.


Talking about caffeine, what you know about caffeine? Generally, we are more familiar with caffeine as a stimulant that can make a person to be more awake and nodded off at night, so that finally prevents someone not to fall asleep. That is why, caffeine is often used as an option for someone who has no interest in the evening hours. However, is it true that caffeine has an effect that is so? Apart from all that, there is still a lot of the effects of caffeine on the body that probably most of us do not know.
Well, on this occasion, we will peel more deeply what are the effects that will occur in the body when we consume caffeine.

1. Caffeine Does not Make Sense You Can Avoid Sleepiness

As described above, that caffeine is believed to prevent someone from drowsiness and eventually make them prevented from sleeping. However, a study revealed that caffeine does not give any weight to a person’s sleep. This is evidenced by doing an experiment where a person is given the caffeine in the drink before he went to sleep, and surprisingly got the result that there was no change significantly with sleep. Thus, it is possible that one feels the effects of caffeine for a mere suggestion.

2. Caffeine Make Someone Feel Better

For lovers of caffeine, several cups of coffee will make them feel better. However, if the amount of coffee consumed too much will actually make them feel better. Dose being is the key, if you consume caffeine want to make you feel better. So how was the amount of caffeine? This all depends on how much you are drinking habits, it also depends on your genes that determine how much your body is able to accommodate a dose of caffeine. If you are a connoisseur of caffeine, the measure was for you will be far greater than your relatives whose parents are not lovers of caffeine.

3. Caffeine Can Affect the Nervous System

Too much caffeine will give fairly extreme impact on neural networks one of which is hand kept shaking, feeling dizzy nausea and anxiety. Worse, these conditions would you feel throughout the day.

4. Caffeine Increased Stress Triggers

Caffeine can trigger the release of hormones stress-cortisol (adrenaline) from the adrenal glands that can also increase one’s anxiety levels and makes experiencing some emotional disturbances such as explosive, insomnia and decreased immunity. Constantly stimulates the adrenal glands can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue that would make a person vulnerable and at risk of various diseases.

Thus some of the effects of caffeine on the human body. It turns out there banya things for people mistakenly think about caffeine, now with this article may be able to increase your knowledge and be useful.

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