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TreatmentAlthough no long expression meditation exist on the illegitimate evolution of cough headache, it seems that most of the primary cough headache patients pardon spontaneously after maximum 4 years, however, patients with a disease duration of 12 ages and more have been relate . Because of the short tenor, there is mainly no need for an acute treatment. However, since symptoms can be quite debilitating, a deterrent treatment tactics should be considered in most if not all patients. Treatment options for first cough pain in the neck are sketch in Table 2. Apart from one small double-blind, placebo-superintendence crossover meditation with indomethacin in a adulterate of 50 mg tid, no abundant randomized trials have been performed . General consensus exists that the treatment of choice for primary cough headache is indeed indomethacin, however with varying daily portion, management durations and treatment effects with a general response standard of approximately 73% . Several studies found that daily powder frequent from 25–150 mg regularly are effective . In one ponder a daily dose up to 250 mg was demand . In the series divulge by Chen et al., less than half of the patients salted a ended relief where another one third had a partial response . No consensus exists on manipulation longitude. In the scale of Pascual et al., treatment was required for a highest conclusion of 5 months and in the series published by Chen et al., about every patient with a good commencing response was torment-free within 6 months after initiation of indomethacin, however, recurrences occurred in a few patients after a leas

source: www.google.com

source: www.google.com

interval of 6 months .Table 2Reported treatments for primary tussive headacheThe mechanism by which indomethacin is operative is not fully understood, but indomethacin decreases intracranial pressure which could be the likely mechanism of action . This could also solve why some studies found benefit in satisfaction cough pain in the neck with acetazolamide and lumbar punctures , both known to decrease intracranial pressure. The latter even had a fairly good response berate with 8 out of 10 patients amended

Head Pain When Coughing in the series promulgate by Chen et al. .Besides indomethacin, serviceable manifestation of topiramate , methysergide , propranolol , naproxen and intravenous metoclopramide have been story in smaller event series.Patients with symptomatic bechic headache usually require a tailor-based surgical entertainment. Suboccipital craniectomy, whether or not combined with a C1-C3 laminectomy, relieves cough headache in the majority of patients with a Chiari malformation type I . Of interest is the fact that, although not consistently, a response rate to indomethacin of approximately 38% has been recount in several symptomatic cough pain in the neck patients .Head Pain When Coughing

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