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Here’s 5 Natural Ways to Treat heartburn – The high stomach acid will result in a person suffering from ulcer disease. Gastric acid is easily increased, caused by irregular food intake. In addition, conditions of stress can also trigger an attack of the ulcer disease. When a person suffers from an ulcer, it will feel the flatulence, nausea to shortness of breath caused by acid that affects the liver. In order for this pain quickly resolved, the following 5 natural ways treat heartburn that can be relied upon.




When stomach acid to rise, you can consume cloves. Because of this natural medicine can increase the levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This acid is very effective in helping to suppress levels of stomach acid. With so pain can be reduced ulcer attack.


In addition to delicious, bananas are rich in potassium content. In addition it also contained alkalising minerals which the pH value was excellent for the treatment of stomach acid surges influence. This fruit also shown to help the stomach lining to produce more mucus. This condition can then be secured in the stomach lining and reducing the level of danger resulting acidity.


High levels of stomach acid which can also be lowered by consuming a glass of cold milk. Calcium contained in milk can eliminate excessive stomach acid.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves can be very helpful in reducing the levels of gastric acid in the stomach. It also helps smooth the digestive system. To consume mint leaves, you can menguyahnya and eaten immediately or can also boil and consume boiled water results.


These plants are usually used as a drink for body warmers. Consumption of natural medicine can help the digestive system. So that his health is maintained well. By diligently taking ginger can prevent ulcers in the stomach and also normalize gastric acid levels in the body.

If you’ve been diagnosed with ulcer disease, suitable treatment regularly. So the disease is completely curable. Because if not dealt with quickly and appropriately, it could grow more severe. Here are the stages ulcer disease attacks very wary mandatory.

Maag light. This condition is still not to be underestimated, when the disease relapses usually only be relieved by taking ulcer drugs made from chemicals. We recommend using a variety of natural medicine on a more secure and effective.
Maag was. In these conditions the pain, pain and nausea will often suffered. So handling must be done as soon as possible. In order not to extend worse.
Chronic gastritis. Attacks ulcer been getting worse and intensity will be more frequent. Injury to the gastric mucosa and inflammation is a condition that is likely to have occurred.
Acute gastritis. The state of the hull is severe and could lead to the emergence of boro in ulcers and infection in the stomach. Helycobacter pylori is a microorganism that can be harmful because it can lead to more severe ulcer disease.
Gastric cancer. This condition is very severe, so that medical treatment should be done immediately.

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