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Here’s How to Remove Fur Leg With Easy

The emergence of fuzz to make us feel uncomfortable as a woman, although it is not only in the armpit hairs alone. One part of the body is often covered with feathers feet. Bristles at the foot area makes some women uncomfortable. Especially when wearing clothes that showed that the area around the foot. Actually, if a little fuzz does not become a problem. But the problem is, if the legs become more dense it will make us feel less confident. So no wonder many women who used various methods remove hair permanently leg to make it look seamless.



Tips on How to remove Fur Leg Permanently

Before we discuss how to remove legs, there are several causes of a thick fur in the area of ​​the foot as follows:

Often plucking foot or often shave their legs can cause leg feathers faster growing thickly. Therefore, if you do not want to have a thick fur, at the foot do not ever plucking or shaving the fur.
Factors causing the thick fur next leg injuries from falling scars.
Heavy legs can also be caused by heredity.

Well, of several factors above, you can try the tips legs naturally eliminate the following:

Lime or lemon

How to remove the legs of the first is to utilize the herb lime or lemon. The way is also quite easy to download lime juice or lemon juice, then mix with ¼ cup honey and 1 cup sugar. Once evenly mixed, heat the mixture was then stir until boiling. Besides boiling, you also can use by heating via microwave. After that, let cool and apply this herb is evenly thin layer of the skin area to remove the hair of your feet in the foot area. Before committing to remove legs with lime or lemon is make sure that your feet have been washed first with soap and dry. After that, use a strip of cotton cloth on top of the skin that you apply this medicine. After that, rub your hands right part at the top of the fabric up to the hair growth.

Pepper and camphor

How to remove hair next leg is to use a mixture of camphor and pepper. By mashing mixed with camphor and pepper to taste and then drops kerosene. After flattening, this herb rubbed on the legs are hairy. Then you just wait for the process of hair loss legs have been using herbs pepper and camphor earlier.

Egg whites

How to remove hair next leg is to use egg whites. The way is whipped by 2 egg whites until fluffy, then add 2 tablespoons flour and 2 tablespoons sugar. After that, apply until evenly over the entire surface of your feet and allow it to 10 minutes and rub gently to dislodge part of your legs.

waxing method

You can also use the method of waxing to remove all the hairs on your feet by using an adhesive such as plaster. How do waxing is by attaching the plaster on the hairy legs had previously been rubbed by hand first before waxing, then release. So the feathers on the legs would be attached to the adhesive.

That’s some way to remove the hair foot with an easy and natural to you all. May be useful!

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