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Herpes on the lips causes, symptoms, treatment

Herpes on the lips causes, symptoms, treatment

Herpes or other cold on the lips – a viral disease. It is subject to 95% of people, and only 5% resistance to it. Intrigue virus is latent in its existence in the body.

Is invisible can “live” in the human body for many years without showing signs of presence, but someday will necessarily manifest bubbles on the lips.

The main symptom of herpes – is itching and slight burning sensation on the lips. The cause of this disease the immune system deteriorates. Herpes on the lips occurs as a result of the road and poor diet, frequent use of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, strenuous diets and fatigue due to prolonged sun exposure. Perkembangan janin dari minggu ke minggu

The cause of herpes in women can make lip tattoos and premenstrual syndrome.

Herpes Types

Experts today are several types of herpes viruses. If the cold that manifests on the lips – this is the first look. Since herpes contagious disease, then again, it is not necessary to touch the center of the disease, and after a collision with them, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

The virus causes a first specific bubbles as lips and other parts of the face type. However, it is worth remembering that the Court so pain at the site of infection in any case impossible, since this can only be extended further more. In order not to spread the disease to other family members you need to use utensils and individual towels.

Herpes – security, but it is pretty bad and cause a lot of inconvenience. We must remember that there is no vaccine against herpes. Herpes treatment tablets held with the local application of special ointments, which are present in the anti-virus components.

Therefore, it is possible to get rid of cold in a relatively short time. You can also take vitamins to strengthen the immune system at the time of exacerbation.

For the treatment of this disease is most commonly used drug famciclovir tablets – Famira. It should be taken immediately after the first symptoms. This preparation eliminates the disease for several days, and practically devoid of side effects, and works seamlessly with other medicines.

The most popular drug for treating the common cold on the lips – A drug acyclovir. It is negatively affected virus DNA, thus preventing its spread. modern pharmaceutical market has a lot of ointments, which is made based on it, both domestic and foreign production. It is worth noting that the domestic ointment abroad not less quality, but are much cheaper. Vivagoal situs berita bola terkini

They are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, confirming their safety. However, the frequent occurrence of allergic reactions and pregnancy should consult your doctor.


Because the herpes virus can “live” in the body for a long time, it can be assumed that many are native speakers. Therefore, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the immune system. You will also need time to treat angina. cold. not lead to disease in his feet, and comply with bed rest.

Excellent prophylactic against acute herpes is considered a gradual hardening of the whole organism. In a healthy human occurrence probability is minimized herpes.

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