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How can I have a lot of visitors to your blog?

A classic question that is expected to bloggers, especially the bloggers who pursue an online business. why it is very important to do. because what meaning we mimiliki blog but empty of visitors.
How much you want to target visitors to your blog?
I am sure everyone would like your blog meimliki many visitors as much as possible. but there must be the figure donk let me clear and targeted.

the way that blogs have a lot of visitors
OK, fine example your target is 100 visitors per day, is still too small yah …. we raised it to 500 visitors per day, is still less well, add the okay on into 1000 visitors per day ….. or want greater 5000 to 10000 visitors per day.

How do blogs have 1000 visitors per day?, Actually to reach that blog you have a lot of visitors each day, fairly easy provided you want to be consistent to do the tips and tricks that I will present in this article.

Blog visitors are consumers as well as customers in business offline for that there are several ways that our customers are loyal and always come to our stores when consumers are in need of your product or service.

Bbaiklah let us imagine just as offline businesses. any components related to the offline business. for example, we opened a clothing store clothing store call it, you need to do before opening any clothes?

1. Choosing a strategic location that has a chance to visit the bustling
2. After selecting a place and completeness of the goods how?
3. Procedures such a way that potential consumers convenient to shop with you
4. Once everything is complete then do you store the terhadadap sale.

Well this promotion one effective way to bring potential customers to your store. although there are customers who come colon that meilihat our stores because of where we are located or a lot of people passing by.

How to blog to appear in a google search
In the online world is no different, the choice of the keyword or keywords that have a stout seekers alike with a strategic earlier in the offline world, and completeness of the goods together with the completeness of the article or content that we have in our blog and what is important is to promote our blogs through social media such as facebook and twitter.

So that visitors are coming back to our blog so do update it continuously and with keywords that have many takers.

How to blog to appear in a google search
So how to blog to appear in a google search on the first page? This question can be answered by itself when you do the following ways:

  •     Update article continuously at least 1 day 1 article
  •     Shutter keywords in the article by selecting a keyword or keywords that have a lot of seekers in search of at least 1000 per month. to find keywords with lots of search you can read in the article essentially dalah keyword or keywords.
  •     Make your articles SEO frendly. how?, look forward to the next discussion on how to create articles that SEO frendly. Insha Allah.
  •     When finished making articles and publish, and share the article on facebook and twitter.
  •     Share artkel also mentioned Social bookmarking
  •     To submit a new blog url in webmastertool and search engines like google, yahoo and bing
  •     do ping to the article.

That’s it.


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