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How Meniruskan chubby cheeks

For most people, or cabi chubby cheeks look cute and adorable but for others not so favored chubby cheeks. If you include people who have chubby cheeks and want to make more gaunt, the following ways can you follow.cara perawatan wajah
Go to first causes chubby cheeks



Prior to the tips helps us to know some of the causes of chubby cheeks. If the cause is known, the efforts that we will do will be much more effective. Cause chubby cheeks, among others:
- Overweight or obese
- Alcohol and cigarettes
- Fatty foods and fast food
- Rarely exercise
- Sleep is less
- Stress
- Less drinking
- The shape of the face / genetic

Tips on How meniruskan chubby cheeks
1. Reduce weight
Burn the excess fat in your body to get used to exercising regularly and reducing daily calorie intake. Weight loss for obese by itself will make more gaunt cheeks.


2. Avoid junk food
Currently junkfood packaged with an attractive appearance, for example with a modern as well as variations in the menu. Although most people already know that fast food is bad for health but these places remain crowded. If you are committed to a healthy life and also want meniruskan chubby cheeks avoid these foods and beralihkan consume more healthy foods. Indonesia is rich in food, even of them included in the most delicious food in the world. Choose foods that are healthy and low in fat.

3. Chewing gum
By chewing gum means activating the muscles around the jaw and cheeks simultaneously burn fat around it. Select gum, low calorie or no-calorie.

4. Gymnastics face
If the gum chewing movements were limited, with facial gymnastics will be more variations of movement produced. Say the letters X and O are repeated to strengthen the jaw muscles and burn fat cheeks. Open mouth wide to mention the letter A for a few seconds, the movement of the fish’s mouth and blow and suck cheek movement for a few seconds.

5. Smile and laugh
Laughing and smiling besides training the facial muscles also makes us a better mood. Smiling and tetawa also can make the face look more youthful.

Easy is not the way meniruskan chubby cheeks? do not need plastic surgery or liposuction simply by applying the above matters in our daily lives and the results can be seen only in the coming months.

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