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How natural facial treatment

Facial Treatment Ala Japan
how natural skin care For You who are eager smooth white face like a Japanese woman, then apply the methods of beauty they often do.cara perawatan wajah



Although the results will not be able to match the beauty of their skin, but at least you can have a face that approached beauty of Japanese women.

Facial Treatment Ala Japan
face care how naturally As the climate in our country is very different from the climate in Japan, so it helps them to have a white skin color.

For that, apply some habits of Japanese women following which they often do to get the skin white and healthy:

Air Rice
The ability of rice water for skin whitening is very evident. This can you see with the rise of beauty products such as soap bleach that utilize rice as basic materials.

Rice water to treat the skin like the Japanese woman
how natural skin care treatment You can do this by washing the rice as usual, and be sure not to waste water. Use of water for washing hands and face you every day.

Oranges contain vitamin C which is very good for health, including for maintaining healthy skin from the inside out. To use them, you can consume fruit juice every day.

While for the care of the outside, use lemon juice as a feeling of mask material. face care how natural addition to whiten the skin, orange is also able to eliminate htam stains on the face.

Camelia flower
This kind interest has been difficult to find because very few people who want to plant. In fact, this flower has a very nice ability in maintaining the skin’s beauty can fade dark spots on the face.

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