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Tips on caring for children otter – Otter or more in the know with the name of the beaver, wergul, otters etc, are carnivores that live in colonies and spend their time foraging in the river in the form of fish and conch, otter is an animal who indulge in daylight , otter is an intelligent animal that is why circuses often use otter as one of the animals in the show.

How do I care for puppies otter

Otter is an animal that likes to swim in the wild but that does not mean for the baby otter, baby otter because themselves are not strong with cold air base from which to baby otter is kerdus by cloth try a temperature of about 25-27 degrees / temperature of the room, because if too cold will make the baby otter colds and colds too hot will make keringet out slow the growth of the baby otter.

Food for baby otter: baby otter only drink milk, milk is recommended that milk does not contain lactose, ya never kasi tau milk suitable and very muyah ie using milk KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) milk for kittens, Giving Vitamins and Drugs prevention diseases that baby otter avoid the disease. Make milk using hot water and chill and enter into the bottle teat cat, milk must be thick but not too thick.

baby otter diet that is every 4-6 hours once 8-15 ml of milk. for otter age -1+ bln (otter brake)
baby otter diet ie once every 5-8 hours 25-30 ml of milk. for otter age -2+ bln (otter literacy)

Replacement cloth / ironing otter done every day and wash dirty linen for later in use again for the base.

NB: if the otter have eaten / satiety (belly after eating) and they just do not cry biarin in Kasik food again, because the otter is spoiled and always cry if you feel uncomfortable, which should be prioritized as temperature and dry pads. because if in kasi eat constantly kept an even can cause the baby otter was dead. because most deaths, it is because excessive food on the baby otter.

How to care for the baby otter can eat

His regular eating otter began studying at the age of 3.5 months at this age otter has begun agile and bonding (ngikutin) owners granting catfish fillet meat / meat blenderan catfish but also let me love milk fat.

Yaang disease common in baby Otter is:

Colds / Flu

The main causes of diseases of the otter is:

Cage or pads that are less clean
Food was wrong
cold temperatures directly exposed to the wind.

Otter characteristics of the disease:

Diarrhea and Sign Wind:

Pale tongue
Sounds Lirih
poop watered without ears
nets do not like a normal, slightly astride
Cold body temperature / low

Colds / Flu

Fever body temperature hot but cold feet
eyes glazed
voice nasal tone
Removing nasal mucus

Prevention and cure:


Prevention: Keep the stables clean and pedestal were clean, give diarrhea medication as a preventative half of the dose of healing, should not be bathed before the age of tread 3 months, put the food in the blender at the age of the baby so that the stomach can digest food, give vitamin Gel endurance and adders appetite.
Treatment: give veterinary medicine for diarrhea, its brands scourban hehe, Gel Vitamins, Keep in a clean place. (Try to take it to the vet)

Colds :

Prevention: Place the baby otter at room temperature, not in the open / cold, food should not be late and do not bathe under the age of 3 months, give vitamin Gel endurance and appetite enhancer.
Treatment: Give light to recovery when exposed to colds and vitamin Gel give endurance and enhancing appetite, diarrhea medicine as prevention of diarrhea. (Try to take it to the vet)

Colds / Flu:

Prevention: Try not brought directly exposed to the wind in cold temperatures and night, cleaning the cage and fabrics for baby to consider, give vitamin Gel endurance and appetite enhancer, do not bathe otter under 3 bln.
Treatment: Cleanliness cloth should be noticed, vitamin Gel endurance and appetite enhancer, dry temperature try not moist, give light if necessary. (Try to take it to the vet)

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