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To write what the contents of the Blog Description we just difficult enough, let alone make Description Blog SEO Friendly
How to Charge Description SEO Friendly Blog
Well, on the basis of that I tried to help you, for your convenience in Charge Description Blog that SEO Friendly certainly keep in mind, that we will definitely kesulitas write Content / Title / Description the SEO Friendly without understanding the meaning of SEO Friendly prior Next let us go to Inti discussion on How to Charge Description Blog SEO Friendly , easy to do it actually. With a Blog How to Charge Description Using the Vertical Bar What is Vertical Bar it? Line perpendicular rich gini know sob |Continues What is the function of the Vertical Bar for SEO ? If my friend, wanted to write two words and want to combine with the previous word without repeating the words are there, my friend could use Vertical Bar this, confused? Similarly, I am also confused wrote it, maybe we go into an example to make it easier:

Suppose Blog buddy berniche SEO, and want to write the description like “The Learning SEO For Beginners, Intermediate, Professional Only in Studied SEO ” At first glance, description above does look right , but less “friendly” in the eyes of the Search Engine. To be easier to understand, we make only parable. If Somebody typing the keyword “The Learning SEO For Beginners” clear and almost certainly Blog buddies will be in Halam First SERP However, different again if there are typing in Keyword “Learning Place SEO for Professionals” is not necessarily Blog pal is in page main again, because Description Blog buddy for not representing Keywords above, because it was interrupted by the word “Beginner” where the role ofVertical Bar for  Blog buddy of error read Keywords So if my friend write the description Blog using Vertical Bar like this example: “A learning SEO for | Starter | medium |Professionals Only in Studied SEO . This will bring up 3 Keywords stronger namely: 

1. The Learning SEO For Beginners Only in Studied SEO 

2. Place Learning SEO Secondary Only in Studied SEO 

3.Place Learning SEO For Professionals Only in Studied SEO 

Pretty obvious right bro? I think that’s all, and wish Helpful 

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