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How to Clean Screen Smartphone To Not scratch

The touch screen smartphone will usually be dirty after long use. These impurities mainly come from fingerprints or dust off when we operate. Without knowing it there are a lot of mistakes we do when trying to clean the dirt or fingerprints on the touch screen smartphone, for example, try to clean it by using ordinary tissue.



Cleaning results are wrong it will damage the touch screen smartphone, even if the screen is in the layer with scratch-resistant plastic.

How to Clean Screen Smartphone To Not Gores

Actually there is a more secure and easier to clean the smartphone screen so as not to scratch and free from dust or fingerprints. Please follow the following review!

Required :

Flannel cloth the size of a handkerchief
Facial cleaning wipes
LCD liquid cleaner

Flannel is a soft cloth to clean the surface of glass or plastic without scratched. Buddy can buy this fabric at a fabric store or sewing supplies nearby. While LCD liquid cleaner is a special cleaning fluid LCD / LED. This fluid can be my friend bought at the store or stores computer.
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How to clean the smartphone screen so as not to scratch

Turn off the smartphone and make sure the touch screen in the dry state
LCD liquid cleaner spray evenly onto the surface of the touch screen with care
Drain liquid cleaner by using cleaning wipes his face with the direction of movement
Finally, clean and dry with a flannel cloth in a circular motion

Okay, done! By using this way, the touch-screen smartphone buddies will be more durable and free from scratches.

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