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How to Cope with Difficult Children Eat When Sick – How to Cope with Difficult Eat When Sick Children. When Children are sick would need a lot of nutrition in order to help speed up the process of healing the pain. But the problem is, when the child was sick most of them difficult to eat. For that we need a special trick that a toddler to eat the food provided.

Cara Mengatasi Anak Sulit Makan Saat Sakit

There are so many diseases that can strike children under five. In general, children are often susceptible to interference, such as fever, influenza, cough, infections, and gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea. Various diseases can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi as well. Besides given medical treatment, children who are in pain conditions require adequate nutrition in order to help accelerate the healing process. Because by providing good nutrition, the child is expected to recover from illness in misery and so that the immune system of children is increasing.

When the child is in good health, they are also sometimes difficult to eat, especially when his son was ill. As a parent it is natural that you feel anxious also feared that the child does not seem to be improving since reduced food intake and nutrition because they are difficult to eat. But of course, do not despair, here are some tips and special tips that toddlers like to eat when sick.

1. Kids Should Nutritious Food
The age factor in children is growing, it is necessary for balanced nutrition like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. By giving foods that contain complete nutrition, of course, the child’s growth process can run as well as the child’s immune system can also be increased so that they are fairly immune from the disease. When a child is sick, for their nutrition should be considered. Give foods that contain complete nutrition also ample servings.

2. Provide Small Plates
In saatr child is sick, flu-like illness accompanied by fever or cough, usually the child’s mouth went dry so that when eating, of course Meals are becoming bitter. Because the appetite they also must be reduced. To give the child the foods in small amounts, but often. Avoid forcing children to eat in large quantities when they are difficult to eat. Because forcing children to eat it will only make children more and do not want to eat.

3. Create Atmosphere Fun
At the current time feeds the child, create a pleasant atmosphere for children, such as feeding him while watching a movie with a favorite cartoon or toy given kesukaanya. Due to the pleasant atmosphere of the children is usually easier to give food.

4. Provide Type of Food passions
Toddlers love foods taste sweet. Fishing rods child’s appetite by giving the favorite food. Kalu child looks happy they usually want to eat. You should provide heavier foods are also nutritious. For example rice team beef liver, chicken porridge or rice with your child’s favorite. Keep the menu dishes that made a child’s favorite dishes, to cultivate in order to increase her appetite.

5. Create Food Textured Software
In a sick child usually difficult to eat. Try to give him a soft-textured foods, such as fruit pudding, cream of tomato soup, baked macaroni or other foods such as mashed potatoes with milk mixture and mince. Soft textured foods more easily swallowed and digested by children who are sick.

6. Avoid spicy foods or fatty
For a sick child, for example, experiencing digestive disorders such as diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting good idea given that no spicy food, such as chili, pepper, too sour. Also avoid giving foods that contain a lot of fat. Because fatty foods can increase stomach acid and stimulates can result in nausea and vomiting.

7. Give Foods Warm
Giving children a warm meal like chicken soup, mushroom cream soup, tomato soup or sweet corn soup very ocok given when the child is sick. Because besides having a nutrient dense, warm meals also has a variety of delicious and flavorful taste that can certainly invite the child’s appetite.

8. Adequate Fluid Needs
The condition of the sick child with fever also sweating. Usually lack of fluids, for it gave him fluids is very important, give water, milk, soup, fruit juice or juice. By providing drinks or foods that contain a lot of the child’s body fluids can prevent dehydration. Besides liquid food is highly digestible and nutritionally more rapidly absorbed by the body.

9. Important Beverage Milk Gives Kids
Intake of beverages such as milk imperative given for the sick child. Because nutrients contained in milk is very complete and easy to digest and is able to cover nutritional deficiencies as a result of the child’s appetite decreases during an illness that causes the child difficult to eat. We recommend that you try to give the child milk that has a sense of the most favored child, so the child arouse your appetite and make it easier to eat.

Schedule 10. Note Drink Drugs
As parents of course you should be more careful if necessary, ask your doctor about the type of drug to be administered to a sick child. No medication is usually given before meals or after meals. For that consider the schedule for administering such drugs prescriptions per physician. For timing errors giving these drugs can lead to disorders in children’s health, such as irritation of the stomach, can even inhibit the absorption of food nutrients and can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Those are some tips and ways how to overcome difficulty eating when sick child. We recommend that parents, especially young mothers, it is important for you as a parent to know the various tips healthy child. Hopefully this article can help and bermanpaat for writers and readers as well as for families.

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