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How to Cope with Pain When Menstruation – you often feel pain during menstruation? you do not need to worry because it is a normal symptom of a series Premanstrual Syndrome or PMS. The cause of PMS suspected because of the hormonal factors that occur because of incomplete process of ovulation caused by an imbalance of hormones. It could be the cause of an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone can also be caused by excessive estrogen dominant originating from outside the body. Cara mengatasi nyeri haid


Those that said that according to research found, PMS due to estrogen and menstrual hormone that interacts with serotonin. PMS is also associated with the intake of vitamin B, calcium and magnesium. PMS symptoms will appear one or two weeks before you menstruate.

Symptoms that may occur to you will menstruate, namely:

1. Breast pain and experience swelling
2. Experiencing dizziness
3. Pain in the lower abdomen
4. Bloating
5. Depression
6. Fatigue

As for how to cope with pain during menstruation you can do is as follows:

1. Eat healthy foods

Expand the foods that contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega 3. Eating fruits and vegetables of different colors, fish, pumpkin and also foods that contain vegetable protein.

2. Compress the abdomen

You can compress the abdomen and lower back by using a heating pad. Those that do relaxation by wading in warm water to cope with menstrual pain.

3. Lying

You can mencoaba lying in bed or sifa to relieve pain. Always you will feel pain during menstruation on the back. By way of lying you will relieve pain. Use a pillow to support your knees and take a deep breath slowly waste. Lakuakan until you feel comfortable.

4. Gentle massage

Light massage can be done on the lower abdomen and pelvis evenly. Also very pleased to carefully massage the muscles around the navel by pinching. You also can enhance light massage on the muscles of the shin from top to bottom.

5. Drinking Jamu

Traditional medicine is often used to cope with menstrual pain. You can use potions by mixing 15-30 grams of god leaves with 20 grams of turmeric and then boiled with 600 cc of water. Leave half then filtered and the water can be taken 2 times a day.

6. Moderate exercise

Sports that can help you relieve menstrual pain is by foot. By walking you do can make the muscle movements that can increase heart rate, you can do for 30 minutes on a regular basis. Jogging could also be an alternative for you relieve menstrual pain. With jogging you can increase blood flow as well as to increase metabolism. The alternative is yoga. With yoga you can regulate breathing during menstruation but it is also gentle exercise such as yoga can make you relax and improve blood circulation

7. Consult your doctor

This option could be your last alternative. You are advised to consult a doctor. Although in general, women who menstruate will feel pain but if the pain does not go away and very disturbing could be an early symptom of the problem for reproduction. So that the examination will help your doctor to find out early and provide appropriate treatment.

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