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How to Eliminate Whitish

Whitish is a female disease who are on intimate organs or vagina of women and the ordinary occurred before or after menses (menstruation). Whitish are commonplace and every woman would have, as it aims to clean the feminine area.Obat Alami untuk rambut rontok



Whitish generally caused by bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that live in the vagina and around the outer vaginal lips. Every woman who experience vaginal discharge or fluor albus sometimes feel itchy because of the activity of bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that infect also earlier.

There are two types of vaginal discharge, which is normal (physiological) and abnormal (pathological). If you do not have to worry about normal for almost happens every month in the fertile period. But the abnormal discharge (pathological) should be aware because it could be a symptom of uterine cancer, uterine cysts, cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

Several other whitish you need also to be aware, for example as follows.

Whitish yellow. Will feel itchy and hot on the inside and outer lips of the vagina. The exact cause is a fungal infection or irritating chemicals due to the use of cosmetics.

Whitish yellow-green. Will cause the smell, texture thick and foamy. Common causes are parasitic infections in the long term.

Grayish whitish. The resulting smell very fishy with watery discharge. A common cause is a bacterial infection.

Whitish brownish color. With blood and foul odor stung. Mandatory watch out for being one of the signs of cancer.
How to Eliminate Whitish

There are two ways, first using natural materials and the products in the form of whitish drug that helps kill bacteria or germs in the vagina or external walls.
With the Natural Way

First you can try with a natural herb that can be made.

Bitter (Andrographis paniculata)

In many villages, the plant is used to dissipate the heat in children with a fever and prevent inflammation in the body. The villagers, especially women also often take advantage of bitter to cure vaginal discharge.

Here’s how:
 Potek 3 trunks of trees paniculata plant.
 Wash with water, then cut into slices.
 Boil in 4 cups of water, boil and lift wait time remaining 2 cups water.
 Wait for the water to evaporate heat, when cold add a little honey for sweetening natural.
 Drink boiled water for 3 times each 3/4 cup.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn)

Saffron or turmeric has long been used for seasoning and traditional medicine for a variety of problems such as hepatitis, gastrointestinal, tumor, and whitish.

How to use it:
 Take some pieces of turmeric, then peel and wash.
 Grate all turmeric, squeeze and capacity of water in a small bowl.
 In acidic juice add water and sugar solution sugar or brown sugar.
 Stir, drink two cups each day.

Betel leaf (Piper betle)

Usually used for twisted lime, gambier, and nut then bitten and known by tradition nyirih. Betel leaves are not only able to cure canker sores, coughs, asthma, dengue fever, or other. But it is also believed to be a cure for the problem of femininity such as vaginal discharge.

How to use it:
 Pick 10 pieces of betel leaf medium size, 1 vertebra turmeric and buffoonery.
 Wash all the ingredients, turmeric peeled, then cut into small pieces.
 new Boil all ingredients are mixed in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes.
 Rinse the vagina using the cooking water is still warm, do 2 times a day until healed.
Using Product Manufacturing

For Products You need Albothyl Concentrate which acts as an antiseptic killer germs, bacteria, and fungi that cause infections relieve canker sores, bad breath, or cuts in the skin.

Albothyl Concentrate has also been used to help overcome vaginal discharge in women. How to use it by diluting 10-15 drops Albothy into 2 cups of warm water, then wash the sex organs. This drug prices vary, ranging from 20 thousand to 80 thousand, depending on size.

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