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How to lengthen eyelashes Naturally – How to lengthen eyelashes – For those of you who want to have long lashes flicks and simply apply several ways to lengthen eyelashes naturally at this time tips. Beauty lady is determined by many factors, from the appearance of the face to face. No wonder so many women who would do anything to get the beauty. One of the efforts done by many women make it look more beautiful is to lengthen eyelashes. Actually there are many ways you can do to lengthen the lashes, one of which is to transplant eyelashes. Although it can be said but how effective are certainly costs a lot and should be conducted by an expert that can be harmful if done by just anyone. Cara alami memutihkan kulit



Therefore, for those of you who want to try to lengthen eyelashes, you can try a way to lengthen eyelashes naturally and precisely which I will review this time. But you have to be patient to get the results you want. This method is not difficult, of using natural ingredients to do some maintenance to fast-growing eyelashes. Let us consider just how directly below.

How to lengthen eyelashes
How to lengthen eyelashes

1. Green tea
The trick is to dip cotton in cold green tea water, then close your eyes and glue cotton tersebur to the eye area, be sure about your eyelashes. Wait for about 15 minutes then wash.

2. Olive oil
It’s easy, it is only by applying olive oil on the lashes with a brush. Do this when you are going to sleep and leave until morning. After getting up immediately wash your lashes with clean water. In addition to curl eyelashes, olive oil can also lengthen eyelashes.

3. Moisture eyelashes
This method can be said to be easily and widely been women. The trick is to use a moisturizer eyelashes. You should choose a moisturizer eyelashes containing olive oil and a source of Vitamin E because both materials are useful for lengthening eyelashes.

4. Clean eyelashes
Make sure you clean lashes with diligent. One ingredient that can stimulate eyelash growth is rapid with baby shampoo, in addition to secure it turns out this material was shown to lengthen eyelashes.

5. Brushing eyelashes
The trick is to brush the eyelashes to avoid the dirt and dust off. With so lashes will feel clean and well maintained, so that your eyelashes grow without experiencing hair loss due to dirt and others.

6. Vitamin E
Eyelashes also need vitamins in order to grow healthy. Therefore, you can apply vitamin E on the lashes using a special brush, but make sure the brush is clean and sterile. The trick is to comb from the base to the tip of the lashes.

Thus several ways to lengthen eyelashes naturally that you can try. As I said above that this method will not provide instant results for eyelashes takes time and the process to be able to grow long. So please apply the above manner on a regular basis so that the faster growth of eyelashes.
That is how to extend Eyelashes Naturally …

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