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How to care for ferrets pandan is intended for beginners and experts in pemeliraan ferret. And how to maintain the ferret was also different from each other although the same principle. In Indonesia itself known types ferrets are quite a lot, ranging from the easy to find and are difficult or rare in their habitat. Animals were originally known as a pest because it often takes animals were once commonly hunted to be killed or to be consumed meat.

source by chun59.wordpress.com

source by chun59.wordpress.com

Characteristics and How to Maintain Weasel Pandan
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Characteristics weasel
Characteristics pandan ferrets are generally the same as another weasel, and in general, ferrets characteristics are as follows

generally carnivores (meat eaters)
although it could take a ferret include everything, but in the wild ferrets are more likely to meat eaters.
nocturnal (active at night)
ferrets spend during the day to sleep and active start in the early evening until late night. there are several types of weasel who remain awake during the day, but generally ferrets tend to sleep or lazy during the day.
arboreal (many live in trees)
although often found in soil or even placed in a cage, in its natural habitat pandan ferrets spend more time in the trees.

How to care for ferrets pandan

There are many types of weasel known in Indonesia. But many kept as pets in general is a kind of weasel pandan.

Quoting from wikipedia.com, ferrets pandan called latin Paradoxurus-hermaphroditus are carnivorous mammals that many live in a semi-residential neighborhood and the forest edge. distributor jam tangan pandan ferrets often synonymous with pests that prey on livestock, but actually it is not entirely wrong ferrets. lack of food in the forests due to logging makes the ferret would not want to get into human settlements in search of food.
That said, how to keep ferrets pandan very very easy. It only takes patience to maintain it. Here are some tips on how to care for ferrets pandan:

Weasel viewing maintained normally fed fruits (papaya, banana), rice + sauce, catfood / dogfood. But most ferret owner pandan give rice + sauce as a main meal or boiled chicken head. For their own drinks, you can give mineral water or sugar water to your ferret.
For feeding should be punctuated alternately to avoid boredom. Provision of fruits such as banana and papaya shall be performed at least once a week in order to ferret digestion is maintained.
Ferrets are also required minimal bathed once a week and the cage should be cleaned at least 2 days. Do not let the ferret cage is dirty because it can cause loss sable, ferret becomes ill, and give rise to skin diseases. How to bathe the ferret can be read in artikelcara bathe the ferret.
If it had been a long, nail ferrets should also be cut. You can read about how to cut nails in the article weasel weasel ways to cut nails.
Ferrets should not be too thin or too fat. Not infrequently, ferrets who are obese will experience sudden death (sudden death) due to heart failure. If your ferret is too thin, you can read an article about how to fatten weasel.

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