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Before discussing about how to create a blog, it helps if we understand what that definition or understanding of the blog. When asked about the notion blog, everyone would have a different answer,caraseobali.com although the answer is different, the meaning of the answers they certainly are not much different.

definition Blog

According How to Make a Blog on Blogspot – Create Free Blog Easy Complete Guide, a blog is a web site that allows users to write or post various things according to his wishes with ease, (without having to have intricate knowledge of html) and can be commented on by visitors. By order of writing upside down where the most recent posts are at the top followed by a long article in tow. At first blog only contains an online personal notes or diary owners, but today’s blog topic has grown wider as a venue for knowledge sharing, such as education, health, technology and others. Even blogs have also been used for a company as a medium to get closer to customers and partners. 

How to create a blog

According, there are two blogging services that have recognized his greatness by bloggers worldwide. Namely Blogspot (blogger.com; a service owned by Google) and WordPress.com. However, because the title of this article is how to create a blog on blogspot, so this article will discuss the blogspot.For those of you who want to read wordpress guide please read here .

To further please follow the steps how to create a complete blog at the following:

1. To start a blog on blogspot register please visit the website address  www.blogger.com , after the search button Sign up (register) in the upper right corner, as shown below 2. After the sign up button is clicked, the registration application will appear gooogle account creation, as shown below. Please complete the application. The image below is an example of filling.

Explanation charging: in the Name , Fill in your first name and your last name.

In Choose your username , content according to your wishes, this username will serve as your login email access to your blogspot dashboard and can also to log into Gmail. (if the username is not available, numbers or letters in tow),

In the Create a Password , fill in your password (using the easy to remember), the Confirm your password please use the same password with the password in the fields on create a possword earlier.

At birth day fill your birth date. On the Phone , fill in your phone number, for the curent your email , just vacated. In type the two pieces of text , text typed two existing code on it. Furthermore, check the small box in the bottom two, and the last click on the button Next step.

3. After you click on the next button, will be displayed orders account verification, please enter your mobile phone number. Then click tombool Send Verifikation Code. Later you will receive a text message from Google that contains an activation code.

4. SMS verification code from Google to your mobile phone will look like the image below.

5. Enter the verification code text above the columns appear, as shown below. then click the Verify button6. If the previous step is successful, you will see a page like the picture below. To add your photo please click add profile pictures, if you want directly to the next step please click on the Next Step. 7. The next page will appear as shown below. This is a sign that you already have a Google account in the form of an email address that can be used to login to Gmail.com and blogger.com , then please click on the buttonBack to the blogger. 8. If you see a page like the image below ignore it, let more quickly in a blog. Please click the button go to the blogger.


9. After that you will go to the main page Dashboard blogger. In this dashboard you can create a blog, write a post, set the theme and others. To create a blog first click the New Blog . 10. After a new blog button is clicked, a window will appear blog creation. In the title the content of your blog’s title, at the addresscontents blog address you want. In the template , select one of the templates that you want.Then click the button for blogs

11. After the steps above, your blog has been successfully created. To write a post please click on the pencil, while viewing a blog entry blank (no article) please click on the view blog.



Blogger sign up with Gmail Account

If you already have an address email at Gmail.com , you do not need to register at the beginning … You can directly enter gmail email address and password, then click the login button. Then you do not need to fill a variety of fields. You only need to enter a Display Name and address of the site.


How to Charge article in the new Blogger in Display Interface

Blogger has recently launched a display interface in all parts of its Dashboard. Starting from the post the article, part of the setting, the settings section template, the comments section, and others have changed all. So for those of you who are automatically redirected to the new display interface, please refer to the guidelines on how to fill out the article on the new display interface below;

1. Here’s a picture to see the new interface blogger dashboard page. Look at the picture below, some important buttons are still included, only position changed according to the shape of the new look. So to get to a page on blogspot charging article, please click on the existing Orange pencil drawings.

2. After the posting page will appear as shown below. For more details, please understand the information in the image below.

3. Enter the title of the article, the content of the article, and the label in the column provided. So the result is like the example below. After all filled in, please click on the button publish colored orange.

4. After you click the publish button, the page will change as shown below. If it appears as shown below, means that the article you’ve succeeded in posting or publication. To see the published article please click on the View button. While the Edit button serves to menge edit or alter your article. Then for the Delete button serves to remove the article.

How to Login and Logout access Blogspot dashboard.

If you use a computer to create a blog is a cafe or laptop computer loan, preferably before closing the laptop please logout first of Dashboard anticipate your blogspot account security. How to click on the button at the top right corner of your profile name, and then click the exit button. look at the picture below.

While To go back to blogspot, how about the same at the earliest step earlier. That visit www.blogger.com , then enter your email and password that you got earlier. as an example see the image below.

 How to Set a Form Setting Comment Blogspot

According to us adjust the settings on the comment form on this blogspot obliged to immediately do. Why ? Due to the default, the display interface on the comment form blogspot restricted to a particular account holder, such account blogger, wordpress account, account typepad. So that other people who have a blog when you want to comment on our article, he can not enter the site address or their blog. because in a Form is not available as shown below.


1. The first step is to login to the blogspot dashboard yours, then enter the settings window / setting, by clicking on the small triangle button on the left of the button see the blog, then click the settings button.Note the picture below for more details. 2. After a successful entry into the settings window, please click on the button posts and comments

3. The window view posts and comments will look like the image below. To adjust the settings so that people who comment can input their website address, please click on the option EVERYONE. To be more clear please look at the picture below

4. Once an option on EVERYONE is enabled, then press SAVE SETTINGS existing top right corner.

5. To see the results, please go to one posting articles on your blogspot, then look on the comment form.The result will look like the image below. That site visitors you can leave a comment complete with website addresses.

Changing the language on blogspot

It’s either the validity of the system or a bug on blogspot, lately after we managed to create a blog on blogspot. menu display menu on the dashboard using the Arabic language. so would make us a genuine citizen of Indonesia, would have had difficulties.



Blog creation services

For you who are still difficulties in making the blog or do not want to bother, we receive at blogspot blog creation services are relatively affordable price or cost. We also provide sales of premium domains, such as those ending in dot com, dot net, dot org, etc., so the blog you’ll no longer ending in blogspot.com, but ending in .com, .net, .org, and others in accordance with your wanted and available. If interested, please sms to number 085 735 715 386.

For Advanced Guide How to create a blog part two about How to  Fill in the blog article  click here

For guidance on how to change their theme blog on blogspot , and also for editing click here

Highly recommended to read slowly to understand, so you can make the blog more easily.

That is the full explanation of the guide to  how to create a blog  on blogspot. The author hopes that this guide is easy to understand by anyone who wants to create a blog. If this guide is no less obvious that due to a typo or one of its writing, the authors apologize. You can ask questions via the comments form below if you want to ask something that is associated with a guide to create a blog on top.

We beg to copy and paste the above article to be posted on your blog, if you think of this article is good, please give a link only. Be good blogger. Do not just copy and paste from someone else’s site, please.


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