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How To Make Your Own Facial Toner?

How to make a facial toner itself is very easy. This can be done at home. Toner is very useful to refresh the face and clean up leftover makeup or excess oil. For those who move out and are often exposed to pollution, toner is very important to clean the face. If the face is left dirty in a state of sleep, it will cause problems on the face, such as acne or other skin problems.Cara alami memutihkan kulit



Toner is good for cleanliness and freshness of the skin, but uses toner too often is not good, you could experience skin dryness because the toner will lift oil reserves in the face. For those who have dry skin, you should not use toner except in a state of urgency, for example, use makeup that are difficult to clean. Toner will help the skin clean of makeup. Toner should not be used unless absolutely greasy face.
Toner From Natural Ingredients

If in doubt toner on the market, you can make the toner itself. Some ways you can do to make the toner is:

Toner green tea. This toner will refresh your face and works as an antioxidant that can eliminate pollution and free radicals. Boil green tea leaves with ½ liter of water, then enter the cooking water into the freezer and frozen. Once frozen, could use them in the face so that the face will feel more refreshed. You can also enter the cooking water into spray and put it in the fridge, if it is cold, can spray to the face and neck. How to make a facial toner itself is not difficult.

Toner aloe vera. This refreshing facial toner and can be made simply by removing flesh from the leaves of aloe vera and grind with a little water in the blender. After that could be stored in the refrigerator and use a cotton swab to rub it in the face.

Toner roses. Toner is very suitable for dry skin. You can make it by boiling the petals with ½ liter of water, then insert it into the cooking water spray and silence in the refrigerator, then spray this toner to the face and neck.

This natural toner is very easy and practical. Toner is much better to buy the properties of the toner market. If you have some time, try to make this toner occasionally and feel the benefits.
Is The Use Toner Important?

We recommend that if you do not need a toner, it is not necessary to use it, because the toner can make your skin dry. Toner usage should be for very oily skin and to clean the makeup that are difficult to clean. Toner is not too important for the skin too oily and the rest of the face with make-up that can be cleaned with a facial soap or water. You must know how to create their own facial toner in order to obtain the best toner for the face.

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