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How To Overcome Hemorrhoids In Children – This hemorrhoid disease not only affects adults, but it can also menyerangan children. This hemorrhoid disease can be caused by many factors, some of which are overweight (obesity), prolonged sitting, lack of fiber and can also be caused by chronic diarrhea. Cara mengobati usus buntu secara alami


If the hemorrhoid disease that affects children, usually caused by constipation can be a major causative factor. Constipation can trigger by because the body deficient intake of fiber, so it can make them difficult bowel movements or loud.

How To Overcome Hemorrhoids In Children

To overcome hemorrhoids in children to do several steps as follows:

The first step :

You can clean the anal area with warm water, but do not use soap. This is because soap can cause irritation of the anus. Then dry using a hairdryer (Hairdryer).

Step two:

Strive for your child soak in warm water with a squat position, let your child soak at least 15 minutes and do it this way as much as 2 to 3 times a day. After that, dry with tools for dry hair.

Third step :

Familiarize your child or children in order to help clean the anal area using baby wipes are soft and does not contain fragrance, because the content of the fragrance will actually make anal irritation. Do this for your child after a bowel movement.
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Step four:

Rutinlah compress on your child’s anal area by using ice, it can help restore or shrink hemorrhoids.

Step five:

Check with your child’s condition to the doctor to get proper treatment, so that your child can medications such as hemorrhoid ointment right.

Here are a few things you need in handling hemorrhoids in children, namely:

Prepare warm water and not too hot or too cold.
Prepare equipment to dry hair (hairdryer)
Wet wipes used for babies skin and do not use wet wipes that contain fragrances.
Cold compress
Several types of hemorrhoid medicine for children who are given on prescription.

Some other tips are:

Give your child eat foods that are rich in natural fibers, natural fibers that can be obtained from the consumption of whole grain bread, whole grain cereals, fruits and fresh vegetables.
Drink plenty of water as needed.
Remind your children not to resist if you want to defecate and do mejan if defecation was very hard.

Well that’s the information that I can say mengenain how to cope with hemorrhoids in children. May the above information can be useful and good-bye, if this info is useful please be shared to friends you know who need this health information.

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