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How To Overcome Laziness Learning In Children – Today many parents who complained and was disappointed with his lack of good value because of their lazy to study and otherwise rarely do we find a child that many reasons or cry because it is always asked to study. There are parents who scold her and threatened her to not buy what the child wants if you do not want to learn also compare her with other children or even some parents who use violence. Obviously all of this will greatly affect the students’ physical and psychological. Then how to overcome laziness learning in children? So to overcome these problems it is better if we first find the cause of the behavior of lazy learning new then find solutions to overcome them. Lazy learning in children psychologically is a manifestation of the weakening of the mental state, intellectual, physical, and psychological child. Lazy to learn arise from several causes and the causes are divided into two, namely the cause of the child and the cause from the outside.



The first cause is the cause of the child or the Intrinsic factors, Feeling lazy to learn arising from within the child may be due to the lack or absence of self-motivation. Motivation is likely to grow because the child has not yet know the benefits of learning or not there is something you want to accomplish. Besides fatigue in the move may result in decreased physical strength and weakening psychological conditions. Examples are too old to play, too many lessons, too many follow the school activities, or helping parents work at home is a factor for the decrease of physical strength in children. Another example is too old to cry, get angry it will also affect the psychological condition of the child.

The second cause is the cause of outside child or extrinsic factors, factors outside the child also a big influence on the child’s condition to be lazy to learn. This happens because of the attitude of parents who do not give attention to learning or otherwise excessive attention that could cause children lazy learning. Not only is it a lot of older people in our society that requires children to learn just for the sake of value and not teach our children to be awareness and responsibility of children to learn as a student. As a result of these demands are not little children who are frustrated and often angry so successful value he gained less than satisfactory. Worse yet is not uncommon parents angry and denounced his son if the child gets satisfactory value kuang. Actually primary school age children do not get too diorentasikan on the value or the result of learning but how to familiarize themselves to study, practice responsibility, and practice in a rule. The attitude of the teacher is also one of the causes students to be lazy to learn, the teacher as a role model who frequently interacts with the child and be proud of them but it is not uncommon attitudes of teachers in schools is also a cause of complaint students. There are plenty of reasons ranging from the unpreparedness of teachers in teaching, not master the lessons to be taught, or because too many give assignments and homework. Moreover, the attitude is often late to class on time teaching and joking with certain students alone or bring a housekeeping issue to this school make learning even more uncomfortable and tends to tense too scary for certain students.

The attitude of a friend in the school environment also includes the reasons why children lazy learning. When a child interacts with his friends at school would direct the child can care for each other like attitude, school supplies, clothing and other supplies. But unfortunately not all of your friends at school have a good attitude or behavior with more friends. A friend excessive in outfitting school clothing or school supplies such as branded shoes that are not affordable by more friends, including school bags and stationery or bicycles and other toys. This can indirectly be the envy of friends who are less fortunate. In the end there are children who require their parents to ask buy school supplies that are similar to his. If not obeyed the lazy way learn in order to be granted the petition.

That often we know today why children lazy learning is about learning atmosphere in the home. Not a guarantee mansions and stately makes children study hard nor very modest home into the cause of children lazy learning. The house can not create a good learning environment is a house that was always full of noise and messy home state or condition of stale air. In addition the availability of facilities excessive game at home can also disrupt children’s interest in learning. Starting from a smartphone or a computer programmed for a game. Conditions such tremendous potential for not creating a good learning environment. Then a learning tool, learning tool is an absolute media to support the interest in learning. Constraints learning usually arise due to lack of specialized classrooms, desks, books supporting, and good lighting. Moreover, not tersediannya textbooks, exercise books and other writing tools is also another part that tends to be an obstacle therefore the child will lose interest in learning is optimal.

Here are some ways to overcome laziness learning in children, the first is to look for information. Parents should ask the child to obtain precise information about him. Look for the right circumstances to be able to communicate openly with him. After that, take the kids to reveal the cause of her lazy learning. Use any atmosphere is relaxed and does not have to formally make the child can not open the problem itself. The second is a mutual agreement between parents and children deal was made to create a state and responsibilities, and to motivate children to learn not to impose the will of parents. The deal was made starting from waking up until the time you go to sleep either in routine hours of study, duration of study, teaching hours if there is homework or not, hours of study at the time of school holidays, what if the learning outcomes are good or bad, reward or sanction what must be accepted and so on. Even if there are sanctions that must be made or agreed to let the child qualifies the person as evidence of responsibility to something that will be mutually agreed.

The third is to create discipline in children, is not an easy thing to create a discipline to the child if it is not started from the parents. Parents who are used to show discipline in daily life will be easily followed by his son. Parents can create a discipline in learning is being implemented consistently and continuously. Exercise discipline can be started from setting up learning tools, textbooks, reminiscent of school assignments, ask what materials are lessons learned, or asking the difficulties encountered in a particular subject, regardless of whether or not a school assignment. The fourth is to enforce discipline, enforcing discipline to do if the child begins to leave the agreements that have been agreed. When children do best to avoid sanctions violations physical. To divert use reasonable consequences that can be accepted by the mind of children. When you can do activities together in one room while the child the parents can learn while doing other activities that do not interfere with the child in the space. Thus enforcing discipline in children is not always with errands or screaming while the parents carry out other activities.

The fifth is assertiveness, assertiveness is done by the parents no longer tolerate violations of the child has done repeatedly. Assertiveness is charged while the child is totally rejected and denied on the grounds that fetched there. Even with children deliberately dishonest conduct other activities deliberately to pass hours studying. Assertiveness that is required is to give the sanctions that have been agreed and ready to accept the consequences of the offense. And the last is to create a comfortable learning atmosphere, creating a good learning environment and convenient is the responsibility of parents. At least parents meet the needs of learning tools also give attention to the way direct and accompany the child when learning. Additionally parents can also provide educational games that learning atmosphere is not tense and continues to attract attention.

Lazy learning experienced by many children due to various causes, therefore, before the child already scored unsatisfactory and shamed parents parents should immediately investigate and pay attention to children’s learning interests. In addition, the initiative fosters independent learning in children and instill awareness and responsibility as a student for the children is another useful long term. If some find it can be applied to children, then it should not adalagi complaints from parents about their children who are lazy to learn because it is always scolded her parents.


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