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How to Play Chess for Beginners  РThe game of chess is a game that is fun and can hone our brains, because playing chess requires the right strategy and mature to be able to beat your opponent. The word is taken from the abbreviation chess chessboard which means the four corners. Because before it becomes a game of two people as they are now, chess is played by four people in four different angles at the time of ancient India.


For those who have never played chess, may be confused about how to play chess, because each chess piece has its own way of stepping so it can not be careless play. Well this time I will give its characteristics and how to play chess easily and correctly.

Chess is played on a board terraced 8 x 8, which consists of 8 rows and 8 rows of black and white. Each – each player has 16 pieces consisting of eight pawns, two forts, two horses, two elephants, one secretary, and one king.

how to play chess professionally

The game is played with one step in turn. Each piece has a provision of different measures, including the following:

Pawn can move one or two plots in the early pace, but then only be able to move the plot forward and not backward. Pawns can only take his opponent diagonally, and if it has been at the end of the swath opponent pawn can become pawns promotions such as the castle, horse, elephant, or a minister.
Fortress can move freely horizontally and vertically, and can not jump over other pieces.
Horse moves like the letter L, which moves lengthwise 2 wide swath and 1 plot. And the only horse that can jump over other pieces.
Elephants can only move freely diagonally
The Minister can move freely anywhere, either horizontally, vertically, and diagonally
The king can move freely anywhere a minister, but can only move one plot only

Conditions and Steps Play Chess
There are some conditions and special measures are common on game of chess, which are as follows:

En Passant, namely the specific steps on which the pawn when a pawn moves two steps forward early time, then there is a pawn opponent who is on the same plot sequence, then the pawn pawn can take your opponent and landed on the box diagonal should be.
Castling, the specific measures which the king and the castle can exchange positions. There are special requirements in doing castled, namely:

King and the fortress had never driven before.
Among the castle king and no other pieces.
The position of the king is not in a position skak, or swath passed smoking king of the opponent’s attack.
Chess, which is the state in which the king was in a position threatened by opposing pawns. This can still be avoided by moving to plot safe from attack, or take the pawn.
Checkmate, which is the state in which the position of the king is correct – completely locked by opposing pawns, and if it moves wherever it can be eaten by the other party. This condition has become the ultimate goal of this chess game.

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