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How to Push Up Right and Benefits

How to Push Up Right and Benefits. Push Up is one way to raise the muscles of the arms, hands and stomach. Push Up can be done anywhere, either in the room, the room is small, the pitch, or the gym. But if you do a push up the wrong way, it does not bring good benefits, but the effects are bad for your body.



For that kesehatan96 will assist you in making the correct push-ups as well as any benefits.

How to Push Up Right
Starter: Push Up on the wall
Standing in front of diding flat, then place your palms against the wall. Then bend your arms by promoting the body to the front wall. Do it by as much as much as possible, if it is used and try to do the movement dozens of times. Now you try to do with pressure on every movement, and every movement try to do push-ups with one hand.

Intermediate: Push up kneeling
Position your body like Push ups are correct, but in this way your knee as a pedestal. Letatkan your hands on the floor with a straight face forward and your feet on the cross. Lower your chest slowly close to the floor and then back to its original position.

Advanced Push Up Perfect
Should now do push-ups do not need to use the pad, it is better to do
directly in front of the floor. Put your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart with your open position. Feet resting on the tip of your toes, to the position of the body perfectly straight. And lest you bongkong position or stand up. Lower your shoulders to form a 90-degree elbow. Then push the shoulders and arms up straight ahead by taking a breath. Should push ups performed in the morning and evening, and for the beginner should be doing push-ups with bertahab tahab.

Benefits Push Up
muscle Tightening
Doing push-ups is good and right will tighten your muscles, especially on the arms, chest, and abdomen.

Increase Confidence
By doing push-up routine will improve your confidence, because of increased vitality will make Pede in each appearance. Moreover, by doing push ups as much as 50 to 100 times of course will make you believe that you’re so strong, so you will be confident.

burn Calories
Of course, by doing push-ups, then your body will require a lot of energy. Then the energy may be taken from your fat reserves, for the push-ups can be a good choice to burn calories in the body.

Push ups are a sport that is easy to do, but have good benefits. For that from now on try to get used to push up. So push up the correct way and benefit from us and good luck.

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