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How to Remove Paint With Scratches On Compound

Car scratched are common, especially now that the streets are very crowded at all, sometimes subject to dab a bit of the same motorcycle, or exposed twigs of a tree, and more usually in contact with hands again nosy, well in this discussion are ways to cope problems on paint your car, usually scratches on car paint is so deep that lapisat base paint participate scratched, if the condition is already like this means that you need to do patchwork / re-paint at the paint peeling due to scratches, of course, you can consult the artisan paint your subscription.cara poles mobil



Tips that I will discuss is to overcome scratches on the paint that is not too deep, or only on the color of the paint the outside of course, this should have completed at home, in addition later more economical cost also pengerjaanya not too difficult, we need to consider ie the depth of the scratches on the paint, whether too deep or just on the outer layer of paint only. If visible scratches on the car body is not thick or less, you can solve the problem yourself by means of polishing scratches manually.

How to eliminate scratches on the car paint is as follows:

Clean up right on the side of the car body scratches, so that dust or dirt on the car body paint missing.
Dry the side of the car body was washed up dry.
Give repellent material scratches in the paint, which is often used is a compound, needed only part of the car body is scratched, then flatten with your fingers fit together with parts that are scratched.
Then rub slowly and a little pressure with a dry soft cloth to smooth back surface are etched with the paint around.
Repeat the process with a polishing compound / drug to another to get the maximum results.
If the scratch is not visible, it means that your efforts have been successful, then please refine the use of drugs as an act finishing varnish paint.
In closing, we advise you to use a car polishes drug Polish Super Premium

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