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How to Select Shirt for Men – For those men and women who are looking for a shirt for men. You need to consider several things you should consider before buying a shirt for men. Today many available T-shirts for men from the newfangled polo shirts to T-shirts with various models. But you should not carelessly buy t-shirts, especially tempted by the low price displayed. You must consider the models and most importantly the comfort of the shirt. Due to low price does not determine the shirt is good or not if it is used. Here are some tips for those of you who want to buy a shirt man:

source: http://www.menscosmo.com/

source: http://www.menscosmo.com/

Note the jersey material

The first thing you need to consider is the material of the kemeja flanel. Because now there are a lot of t-shirts are made of several materials. The most common material used to make the shirts are Cotton and Polyester. For a good material for shirts is cotton. Because cotton is not going to make heat when used in addition to the cotton can absorb sweat. Moreover, men are very easy to sweat. So if you want to buy a shirt choose T-shirts with cotton because these materials will provide comfort during use.

Body size

The second thing you notice is recognize your body size to determine the size of the t-shirts that will be purchased later. If you want to buy a shirt you should not buy a shirt that fit perfectly to your body. You must purchase at least a shirt that leaves 3-4cm empty space. Because wearing a shirt that is too tight is not too good for you because it can inhibit the movement of your body.

Customize with activities

If you would like to use these shirts for a particular activity is better if you adjust shirts used. For example, if you are going to do outdoor activities with hot air should not be wearing a shirt that is too tight and black. Because black shirt can not absorb sweat consequently your body will feel more heat. In addition, if you want to look casual, you can use a collared shirt to give the impression polite.

Adjust the color of skin

The last thing you can make consider in buying a shirt is the color of your skin. Because not all colors shirts suitable when used with a certain skin color. If you have a skin color that tends to dark, you should use a shirt with matching color such as black or brown. While you are having a bright skin, you can use the baju pria murah has lebuh bright colors like red or yellow.

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