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How to Shrink Betis Naturally With Fast – To shrink calf you should apply the tips on how to naturally shrink calf quickly because it has proven effective. Having a large shank of course to make women become insecure, especially when they use short androk or hotpant. By having a small calf, the course will be lighter, in addition to the calf also has a function that can give the impression of sexy yourself. For those of you who have big calves, then you need to know what are the factors that can cause the calf to be great. Factors that cause the calf to be great among other activities, the genetic / hereditary and too fat.


Therefore, how to shrink calf naturally is the best way that you can do because you only have to do physical exercise, but besides that it should be coupled with a healthy diet for maximum results and can make you satisfied. For those of you who do not know what physical exercise can shrink calf, please see more information below.

1. Jump Rope
Jump rope is one way to increase height that is quite popular, but other than that jumping rope can also shrink your calves. The trick is just to do jump rope for 20 minutes only. This method can make a motion that moves your calves.

2. Cycling
The way this one very unpleasant but can also shrink the calf quickly if applied regularly and routinely. You only need a cycling course, and you can use an exercise bike at the gym or a regular bike.

3. Running
Exercise this one is very easy. All you have to do is just to run fast alone. Besides being able to shrink the calf, this exercise can reduce your weight, and if you do this exercise your body will naturally healthy.

4. Calf Raises

1. Position your body stand straight and feet together.
2. Lift your body up with wearing heels.
3. Center your weight on the toe.
4. Hold the lifting movement for a few seconds then lower back.

5. Split Squat Jump

1. Promote one leg forward and the other leg bent until the knee touches the floor.
2. Then jump as high as possible, and when it landed change your foot position that had been behind now ahead.

That’s 5 ways calf naturally shrink to shrink the calf quickly when done regularly. So the results are more than satisfactory, it helps you combine the above ways to consume healthy foods. So first, I hope this time the information useful for you all and good luck.

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