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How to Take Care For Healthy and Shiny Hair – have healthy hair and berkliau be the desire of many people. No matter what type of hair you have, be it straight or too curly wavy, health and beauty of your hair should be maintained. By keeping your hair properly, can avoid from a variety of problems that may come up suddenly when the hair is not treated properly. Cara menghilangkan kerutan diwajah

merawat rambut

By because the hair treatment that can be healthy and shiny hair is one of the main important thing that you still feel confident. One of the main things that are important in maintaining your hair to stay healthy salahsatunya with attention to hair care tool carefully, as sakiat right hair even use the right comb.

In addition the use of hair care products such as protective as well is that you can apply on your hair so the hair is not dry.

Well, below is also there are several ways to treat hair to keep it healthy and shiny. Uraianya Listen below!

1. Cutting Edge Hair
To keep hair looking healthy, you can get used to cut hair regularly so as to keep hair healthy. You can cut off the hair every 6-8 weeks so that the growth of healthy hair.

2. Do not Wash Hair Every Day
You are advised not to wash your hair srtiap days, unless you do certain activities that require you to wash. Be careful, wash or wash hair every day can eliminate the existing natural oil content of the hair that makes the hair becomes dry.

3. Avoid Heat Tool
How to care for hair to be healthy next is best to not use tools that can conduct heat on your hair. Because it can damage your hair and make the hair becomes drier. Therefore, you should reduce or even leave the use of tools that can deliver heat to your hair.

4. Avoid Hair Dyes
Healthy hair can be damaged if the hair is often dyed. Moisture contained in the hair can be eroded by the use of hair dyes due to the chemicals that are in the hair dye. Moreover, if not treated properly, the hair will be damaged even feared.

5. Eating Good
Hair is a reflection of what foods you eat and show the health of your body. Hair will decrease health if you frequently consume a variety of less healthy foods are like junk food, soda and other unhealthy foods. You should make sure to meet the daily consumption of water, minerals and vitamins to your nutritional needs balanced.

Food for Healthy Hair

Some foods can make your hair become healthier and stronger. With accustomed to eating a healthy diet would be good for the health of your entire body and even hair. Below are some foods that can make your hair healthy and strong, full description see below!

1. Eggs
One of the main foods that were able to maintain healthy hair and promote hair growth is a good egg. Eggs also contain biotin and vitamin B. In addition to consumption, the eggs also can be made into a mask for your hair. The masks can be made from a mixture of eggs and olive oil.

2. Spinach
The content of folate and iron in spinach can be useful to improve the health of red blood cells. If the red blood cells in the body either the oxygen carried to the hair follicles you will make your hair healthier.

3. Paprika
Vitamin C in peppers is enough vitamins needed for hair to be healthier. Consumption of paprika is how to maintain the health of the hair from the inside. With their vitamin C intake may provide a signal that there is enough iron in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the biesa hair follicles. If so, then the collagen and fiber in the hair will grow and become more healthy hair. But there is a shortage of vitamin C that can cause hair to become dry and split ends.

4. Lentils
One of the main types of beans are high in iron are lentils. The food of nuts is good for hair growth and hair health support is owned by everyone.

5. Ubi
Cassava is a food that contains vitamin A and beta carotene that can be useful to support the health of the hair. Aside from potatoes, some other foods also contain a lot of beta-carotene include carrots, kale, Selda, and asparagus. These foods can help support the health of your hair.

Above is How to Take Care For Healthy and Shiny hair with a list of foods that can nourish your hair.

In addition to using the care from the outside, however also in the care of the body are equally important, and therefore the consumption of healthy foods also be one of the main important factor in order to keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny. How you treat your body will also affect the appearance of your hair.

Hopefully the article titled how to care for hair to be healthy and shiny above could be helpful and provide new knowledge about the health of the loyal readers HarianSehat.Com situ. You can read other health articles on this blog to expand knowledge about diseases, herbal medicine, and also tips on a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your health and Salam Healthy!

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