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How to Treat Cough Accompanied Flu Naturally

How to Treat Cough Accompanied Flu Naturally. The rainy season was greeted happily by everyone, after facing a fairly long dry season in our country, the rain gives freshness for all of us. Including wetland and rivers began to dry up. But increasingly heavy and tight turns rainy season in this country have an impact that is different for each region there began affected by flooding, landslides etc.



And of all the most wary of is disease transition his example dengue fever, diarrhea, and of course the flu and cough. Both of these diseases are not indiscriminately attack humans of young, old, men and women, then is there any cure a cough accompanied by flu. Ouwh certainly there. Because that’s what I will discuss here.

Indeed, this step archaic because now many once found or produced modern medicines are easy to find in the market. But do you know if modern medicine type or kimiawai when consumed in the long term can affect health, especially the health of the kidneys, in some cases even cause dependency and heart attacks. Want to switch to natural treatment? A direct read a full description of this beriku.

Treating Cough Accompanied Flu

Remove snot
Sounds simple is not it? But when our nose is filled with mucus that contains a lot of this virus immediately remove it slowly – slowly and gradually, it helps you get rid of viruses and bacteria in the body. Mucus also is the cause scratchy throat causes cough.

Use saline solution
The salt solution capable of overcoming memabantu mucus – mucus that get stuck in
your throat when you have a cough, a saline solution also helps overcome congestion when you have a cold. How memebuatnya mix 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and mix in one cup of warm water. this solution into a nasal spray, or use to gargle. The solution of this image is believed to eliminate the virus particles and bacteria.

The juice from the fruit of vitamin C
The content of vitamin C is very dibuutuhkan by the body when there is a virus attack bacteria attack the body to increase the antibody and the body able to fight off flu viruses that cause coughs and colds. Digunakanyakni usual fruit tomatoes, guava, citrus ddan others. Bikinlah unsweetened juice without ice cubes. Drinking regularly until the flu and cough subsided.

herb ginger
This herb is specifically for those who have a cough severe enough when the flu strikes. Herb ginger, yap because in addition to the main ingredients I would use turmeric ginger, lemon and honey. How, to prepare one tablespoon ginger, turmeric juice 3 tablespoons water 1 tablespoon lime juice and honey. Combine all these ingredients twice a day until your productive cough subsided. Still with ginger but we will use a mixture of both kencur. The method, wash and peel the two materials, and scar. Integrate the results of both grated and boiled along the water to the boil. Drink this concoction when water conditions are still warm.

Ginger and Betel
So it is a very powerful ginger eliminating your cough. The material is used ginger plus betel, this herb is suitable for cough with phlegm. The steps, peeled ginger and then make use of flat mash hard object. Betel leaves and boil together with 3 cups of water until boiling, leave it alone until the water is reduced by half. Wait until the water is warm and suitable for drinking. Drink once a day until the cough disappears.
Well the way to treat a cough that is accompanied naturally flu is fairly easy right? And most importantly, no side effects such as chemical drugs. Congratulations to try

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