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How to Treat Eye stye with Fast – actually not much different from how to treat sore eyes in general. Due to the same reason, namely, because of the infection caused by bacteria. Maybe before you ever even heard the myth that eye stye it causes is often ngitip the shower, etc. Yep, I would often hear, even among people already believed to be hereditary. But is it eye stye is because often peek? to know the answer, let us go read!



What was eye stye?
Eye stye is a small boil or any of which is located in the eyelids. In the language of medicine sore eye stye is known as hordeolum is a infkesi or inflammation of the eyelid caused by staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

Image: Eye stye, causes, symptoms and how your way of treating

Symptoms of eye stye
Symptoms of eye stye pain is usually ditadai with reddish lump diarea eyelids well above mautup below and is usually accompanied by white or yellow spots middle section. The longer this bump will get bigger / swell and cause rapid eye discharge, itching, and blinking hard for the sufferer.

Type Eye stye
Based on where the location of the occurrence, eye stye is divided into two parts, namely, eye stye stye internal and external eye, the following explanation:

Eye stye interna: This type of eye stye occurs in the meibomian gland, and leads to this part of the lining of the eyelid.

Eye stye externa: going on Zeis glands and bejolan moll which leads to the outside of the eyelid

The cause of eye stye
Eye stye can be caused by many things, for example kebersihakn in the area around the eyes cleanliness is not maintained, because of the dust and dirt, too often rubbed his eyes and so forth. So, how to prevent eye stye? want to know how? if so, let us go read!

How to prevent eye stye
Before you infected eye stye, alngkah good idea to take preventive measures. The saying goes, prevention is better than cure, right? Well, for that, there are some things you can do to prevent eye stye, including the following:

Live a healthy lifestyle
Avoid rubbing eyes with his hands
Note the expiration date of a cosmetic product that you use and clean up the rest of the make-up of the face until completely clean
Keep kebersihkan eyes / area around your eye
Resting enough, tired eyes are usually more prone to this disease.
Note the cleanliness of your bed, like pillows etc. Because when you sleep, usually the surface of your face sometimes stuck in the pillow, so if you use a pillow that is not clean, it is not possible, your eyes will be infected with bacteria and stye
Avoid dusty and dirty environment

Well, that’s some precautionary steps that you can do. So what if you’ve already eye stye? Easy, ya, powerful tips to overcome eye stye you can do it yourself at home.

Natural Ways to Treat Eye stye in Natural
Where we have been mebahas what stye, types of stye, symptoms and causes. Well, now I will share tips for treating eye stye, you can do it yourself at home. Please refer to the following explanation:

1. Compress the eyes with warm water
The easiest way to cure eye stye is to compress with warm water. This method is effective to reduce itching and swelling mengempeskan when your eye stye.

How to compress the eye with warm water:

Prepare a soft textured cloths / towels clean

soak the towel in hot water

clean the skin area around the eyes and compress your eyes with a towel last for 5-10 minutes

Do this routine for maximum results

2. Garlic

In addition to the way compressed with warm water, you can also cure eye stye with garlic. Because garlic contains anti-bacterial compounds, which are believed to also be able to eradicate the bacteria that cause eye stye.

How to treat eye stye with garlic:

Clean your eyes with warm water

prepare a garlic clove

garlic puree with blender, grated or ground

then apply the garlic that has been refined in the area of ​​the eyelid stye

3. Eliminate stye in the eye with a betel leaf
Next tips to treat eye stye is using the betel leaf. The betel leaf has been shown to treat many types of eye pain, eye stye included for this.

How to treat eye stye with betel leaf:

Take 1-3 betel leaves

The betel leaves boiled with 1-2 glasses of water and wait for it to boil

squeeze the boiled water betel leaves with a tea strainer tersebur

use to clean areas affected eye / stye

or it could also be used as drops, but it will be very painful.

Other stye eye drug

1. Use Eye Drops Drug
If you’ve done in ways that are above and your eyes are still not yet healed, you can try to use eye drops (although to be honest I do not advocate this way). Use eye drops up to 2-3 times only. Due to the use of excessive drops it actually would make the situation even worse your eyes.

2. Use anti-biotic ointment
Another way to treat eye stye is to use steroid creams or anti-biotic ointment. It aims to prevent the spread of infection by bacteria. The trick, first clean your eyelid with warm water, then just smeared with ointment. But do not forget to pay attention to the expiration date before using the ointment. Examples of ointment that you can use: Ciprofloxacin (Quinox, Baquinor), Amoxicillin (Amoxsan, Kalmoxicilin, Farmoxyl).

3. Do not hold / squeeze hordeolum
Press or squeeze these lumps let alone to remove the pus, can worsen your eye infection. therefore, avoid the squeeze bintit eye. Even if forced to touch the stye, try washing your hands first.

That’s an article about how to cure eye stye quickly that hopefully can provide benefits, especially for those of you who read. If you do not mind, please share this info to facebook, twitter or GOOGLEPLUS yes, that others also helped. terimaksih :)

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