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Hydroponic systems use methods in which plants are grown in
water rather than in soil.
The plants are fed by an aqueous solution of inorganic nutrient salts.
Hydroponic systems prove to be quite advantageous. Plants that are
hydroponically demonstrate better and higher yields than plants of
the same species that are grown in soil.
This is mainly due to the fact that special hydroponic fertilizer doses
are able to be controlled with precision.
Due to this dosage precision, significant amounts of fertilizer can be
saved while growing. Hydroponic systems also omit the use of
When using such systems, however, there are some things to keep
in mind. Plants that are cultivated in a hydroponic system can be very
difficult to relocate to another habitat.
When a plant is grown in water, it should stay there.
In addition, the plants require a lot of care and thus the time
requirement should not be underestimated.
It is also important to inform yourself thoroughly regarding the
proper dosage of nutrients, humidity, oxygen content and light in
order to achieve your desired result.


With plenty of space and time and a little technical know-how,
hydroponic systems can be used at any location,regardless of the
quality of the soil.



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