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Importance of Balanced Menu In Toddlers -  Not felt, the little one is entering the second year of life. Of course, he was more cute and adorable because he is entering a period of intense physical and mental development. However, in general, the actual growth is no longer as fast as when she was brought a year. Not surprisingly, toddlers actually need the ‘less’ food compared to infants aged 0-1 years. Cara menghilangkan bekas luka bakar anak anak


In its infancy, the mother has to take height growth the Small. Do not worry if it is no longer visible semontok first. Mother sufficient monitoring nutritional intake to remain impartial and appropriate. As long as he is healthy and ideal body weight entry restrictions, please do not worry, Mom!

Sometimes, toddlers also seen less appetite. No need to worry too much yes, ma’am. This is normal and can be overcome with a few tips from Bebeclub. Mothers also may know exchange ideas and experiences about the Little appetite returns with fellow mothers in the Forum Bebeclub.

Balanced Eating For Toddlers Mom

Before implementing a balanced menu for the little one, need ya Mom note that a healthy diet is certainly different toddlers a healthy diet of adults. Obviously because their nutritional needs are also different nutritional requirements, Mom.

Portions Eat the Baby

Do not equate the ability to devour the food toddlers to adults. Remember, you know, ma’am, just the size of the stomach may be only 1/5 the size of your tummy. During this time he needs is food berporsi small, but rich in essential nutrients and calories.

To meet these needs, toddler should get used to a diet that consists of three meals a complete menu impartial and two healthy snacks in between.

Energy and Nutritional Needs

If Mom wants the little one to grow physically and mentally, let’s consider the nutritional intake. There are seven essential elements nutrients that should always meet her mother, namely: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and water.

Actually, a lot of you know the type of food that already contains a combination of nutrients mentioned above. For example, cow’s milk, which contain water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. However, cow’s milk contains less fiber. While the bread, not only contains carbohydrates, but also protein, fat, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and a little water

Basically, everyone needs a seventh combination of nutrients mentioned above. However, the number and the proportion is different according to age and activity.

Toddlers need a balanced menu that is rich in fat fiber content tends to be low. Mom can meet the needs of fiber from vegetables and fruits. Consumption enough fiber can help facilitate the digestive system the Small. But, do not overdo also yes, ma’am. Too much fiber can make the little one feel full stomach. Consequently appetite, energy intake and nutrients tend to be reduced.

How to Develop a Balanced Diet For the little one?

In general, balanced diet to consist of four major food groups, namely:

Bread and cereals
Fruits and vegetables
Milk and its derivatives
Red meat, chicken, seafood, eggs, nuts, and other meat substitute food.

Bread and Cereals

Bread, breakfast cereals, rice, pasta or noodles is a kind of food with high carbohydrate content and fiber. Try to give bread or cereal grain on the little one about four times a day. In addition to the main meal, carbohydrates are also allowed kok mother gave as a snack variation.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and low in fat. To make sure the little one are getting all the essential nutrients it needs, make it a habit to give a variety of fruit and vegetables. Try to leave at least two servings of vegetables and fruit on the little one every day.

Milk and derivative products

Milk is one of the nutrients that should be consumed by the little one every day. But, do not forget to continue to provide the food source of calcium yes, ma’am. In addition in the form of drinks, milk can also be consumed in the form of derivative products, such as cheese and yoghurt. Ideally, infants consuming milk and derived products as much as 2-3 times a day. Mother could also gets put in the form of snacks. Similarly, the milk supplement toddlers.

Meat and Other Protein Sources

Foods such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and nuts are good sources of iron, zinc, and vitamin B. Strive for the Small One source of protein foods at least one serving per day yes, ma’am.

To ensure the Baby obtain a complete and balanced nutritional intake, try to provide a wide variety of food groups mentioned above yes, ma’am.

Fats and Oils

Fats and oils are one of the important energy source in the future growth of the Small. Surely, wise mother still must provide the best choice for this one type of nutrition. Some of these include butter, margarine, and vegetable oils such as olive oil, canola, corn, sunflower and soy. In addition, offer your child a variety of foods with kandungani essential fatty acids and fat solvent vitamins A, D, E and K, so that its energy needs are always met.

side dish

While cooking and preparing food for infants and toddlers, you should consider the type of mother additional food or any seasoning may be used. The following tips may be useful:

Instead, do not add salt when cooking food for babies and toddlers. Even if the mother feels the need, use minimal yes, ma’am.
Avoid processed foods that contain a lot of salt, such as potato chips and certain types of crackers.
Artificial sweeteners and other additives found in many soft drinks and candy, is very important to avoid. Besides can cause obesity, type of additional food can damage teeth Small One.
Always choose healthy foods for snacks daily. While candy, chocolate, and various other unhealthy snacks Mother’s Day should be given to certain special moments, yes, ma’am.

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