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Injecting Botox Effect

Want to look beautiful during Eid? Legitimate really. Many ways you can do to beautify themselves after a month of fasting. Starting treatment at home, at the salon or spa treatments, to perform Botox injections. Solusi Jitu Menghilangkan Jerawat Dengan Bawang Putih



Injecting Botox is one method of plastic surgery that has many takers. Besides the results are instant, methods that do not go through a painful operation, but only by injection. Costs need to spend to perform Botox injections are not cheap you know. The effect-nor would only last 4-6 months. That means you have to perform Botox injections is at least 2-3 times a year.

Actually, fluids are injected while doing Botox is a form of toxin or poison produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. These toxins will hinder facial muscles receiving signals make it contract. When the facial muscles do not contract the skin will tighten, look more smooth and not wrinkled.

Before deciding to perform Botox injections, you should also know the dangers and side effects, such as:

former Bruising

Skin will appear bruising and redness at the injection points. The pain will also appear when the skin muscles react to the puncture needle containing botox.

Spreading Poison

There are times when botox fluid spread past the lines of the muscles beneath the skin and into the major muscles of the body. Hail can cause symptoms such as difficulty breathing, speaking and swallowing food.

Raised eyebrows Improper

Because of the strong reaction to botox to the muscles, causing raised eyebrows and looked very unnatural.

The head Kaku

As a temporary reaction after Botox injections, you will experience stiffness in the head. It will disappear in some time after resting all the muscles of your face.

The views Samar

It usually occurs when Botox injections performed in the eye area. Muscle relaxes suddenly cause the view becomes vague.

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