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Intake Fuel Fix You

Take a good look so you will reap great rewards. Once you are able to separate fact from fable is not clear, then you can refuel your own to break a personal record, getting greater benefits, and also trim your waist size. Consider the following myths.manfaat buah bacang bagi kesehatan



If you go to the gym in a state of hunger, a sign that you have to prepare the body for maximum fat loss.
Some research shows that if you exercise when your blood sugar and carbohydrate levels are low, the body will suck energy from fat reserves. “But that is not the best plan for high-intensity exercise, even if it will suck the fat reserves,” said Men’s Health nutrition advisor Mike Roussell, Ph.D. The real key to trigger fat burning: Manage insulin. Low glycemic foods (apples, nuts, peaches) makes your body release insulin doses in a controlled manner, to provide a stream of energy. High-glycemic foods (bagels, pretzels) causes increased insulin, which can stimulate fat storage. A study in Hong Kong said the man who ate a low glycemic bar 90 minutes before cycling can burn more fat than those who ate high-glycemic bar.
INTELLIGENT ENERGY INTAKE Build a foundation first: “Two and a half to three hours before a hard workout, eat low-glycemic foods such as carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats,” says Christopher Mohr, Ph.D., a sports nutritionist based in Louisville. (Think of the quinoa, chicken, avocado). Then, 30 to 45 minutes before you start, the consumption of low glycemic snack containing 150 calories, such as almond butter or yogurt with granola.

Eating foods energy booster during a brief exercise is the best way to fill the energy
“Just like a car needs gas, your body also needs a certain amount of fuel proper nutrition as well,” said Malhotra. If you do not prepare energy intake at the beginning of the day, it may help. According to reviews of Sports Medicine in 2013, consuming carbohydrates during exercise 45 to 60 minutes of high intensity (such as a superset or a series of intense interval training) can improve your performance by helping fight fatigue until the end of the exercise. But there’s a better strategy: “Eating carbohydrates before exercise prevents your body to suck up the protein,” said Malhotra. And it helped force you to complete the entire exercise, not just finish a stage only. Fuel content in advance so that your brain is not shortage of intake.
INTELLIGENT ENERGY INTAKE “Fifteen minutes before a hard workout, consume about 30 grams of easily digested carbohydrates, such as in the form of jelly or chewed,” Roussell said.

When he wants to build muscle then whey is the solution
Nutrition experts have long thought that you need to build muscle is nine essential amino acids. That’s why weight lifters consume whey, a byproduct of cheese containing a complete amino acid that can be converted into powder form. “Because the amino acid profile of whey strong and easily absorbed, then you could say whey is a nutritional supplement that is the most popular sport,” added Malhotra. But studies in 2013 from the University of Tampa found that men who lifted weights three times a week, for two months, showed growth and muscle strength -not the same regardless of whether they consume whey or rice protein powder protein after a workout. “Protein rice is not complete, but it contains three amino acids that are the most important: Leucine, isoleucine, and valine, in which the leucine as a key driver of muscle repair,” said Jim White, R.D., of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach.
INTELLIGENT ENERGY INTAKE great majority of proteins that are used to raise the muscle should come from food sources. Therefore, try menyampurkan whey, eggs, rice powder, all of which provide a trinity of amino acids, into your shake drinks. “Be sure to consume 2 to 3 grams of leucine per session for optimal muscle growth,” said Roussell. White recommends 2: 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. The reason, carbohydrates help you absorb amino acids.

Antioxidants can repair damaged muscle, so eat!
Exercise can produce free radical molecules that may harm healthy cells. So by providing antioxidant intake, you can reduce the effects of free radicals. The logic is that right? “Antioxidant supplements may actually harm,” said Mari Carmen Gomez-Cabrera Ph.D., an antioxidant expert at the University of Valencia, Spain. A 2014 study in Norway found that amateur athletes who take supplements of antioxidants and vitamin for six weeks, experienced a decline in the efficiency of endurance exercise than athletes who do not eat. In another 2014 study, Spanish researchers saw the same effect on the runners. Why? Antioxidant supplements may prevent the formation of mitochondria that produce energy.
INTELLIGENT ENERGY INTAKE “Antioxidants may still protect you against heart disease and cancer. Rather than increase the dosage, buy fruits and vegetables of different colors, “suggested Gomez-Cabrera. We recommend 2-4 servings of green vegetables, 2-3 servings of legumes, and 2-3 servings of fruit every day.

Creatine supplements are good but only for serious bodybuilders
Consumption of creatine can improve exercise performance speed, aerobic activity, and even neurological function, according to a review of the 2012 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Why improve aerobic? The study notes that creatine can increase blood plasma levels and helps you use oxygen more efficiently. It is true that your body produces about one gram of creatine each day and you’ll be ingesting creatine addition of animal protein. But your diet may not be consistent from day to day.
INTELLIGENT ENERGY INTAKE Konsumsilkah 3-5 grams a day. This will help you get a lot of benefits, according to the review above. “Eat creatine together with carbohydrates,” Roussell said, “because insulin increases the absorption of creatine.”

manfaat buah bacang bagi kesehatan

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