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Who would have thought the Iranian nation so safe. No such allegation or reporting a number of media people in general are wary of countries in the Middle East.
To the point, a lot of pictures popping up on social media with the hashtag #IRANISSAFE. These photos show how the situation in Iran is so safe, so it deserves to be one of the destinations you.
If you decide to pay a visit to Iran, there are a number of requirements that you must have, for example regarding the visa. For a residence permit or a temporary visit safest filed three months before departure.
However, if you are citizen, then a little more luck with the facility of visa on arrival (VOA) that can be administered at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport. Because, Indonesia entered as one of the countries that could use the facility. But, it should pay attention to the passport, since not all types of jobs can use this facility.
To reach this airport, travelers from Indonesia could use hubs (hub) at Dubai Airport or Airport Abu Dhabi. There are a number of airlines serving the route Jakarta-Tehran, one of the Emirates.
At the Tehran airport, for male travelers, it is better to use the toilet and not using the urinal. This, to avoid the gaze of a number of other users. Alternatively, to avoid other people’s advice, that pee standing unhealthy.
In addition, this step is also a form of adjustment as in other public areas, you will have difficulty finding the bathroom which has a urinal.
After obtaining a visa, it helps you immediately go to the nearest money changer or bank before booking hotels. Because, for foreign travelers will be required to show a passport when exchanging at a bank. However, at the money changer quiet if you do not need to show a passport. However, the rate at a bank is usually higher.
If ordered in advance to check- in, then your passport will be detained by the hotel until you check-out. Thus, you will trouble to change money in the bank.
This step, may get serious attention. Because, if the foreign travelers do not have the cash, it would be difficult to shop. Understandably, post-embargo from the United States, it is very hard to see EDC (electronic data capture) VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
In addition, it is worth listening well when transacting in Iran. The reason is, there are two terms to refer to the value of the currency there rial and Toman. This, due to the Iranian people have done redenomination.
If the seller mentions a certain value, you need to ask them in nominal rial or toman. The formula 1,000 Iranian rials equal to 1 toman. However, in particular where the seller only mentioned one, but refers to 1 million toman.
Nothing wrong, you indicate the money you have and ask for help sellers to perform calculations. One seller said was due to the use of the term toman nominal rial too many zeros, so bothersome to transact. Understandably, the value of distressed middle rial currency, $ 1 worth around 32,000 Iranian rials.
Most astonishing, was the capital of Iran, Tehran is very safe. In fact, very rarely passing police. The community is very convenient to move up to the middle of the night and go home comfortably by train.
There are a number of favorite tourist sites in Tehran. Starting from Bridge’s character, Milad Tower, Mountains Elbruz, former palace, or even shopping traditional market commonly referred to as the bazaar.
Arguably, Tehran is the heart of tourist nights in the middle east. A number of garden ornaments transformed with lights colorful. Not only trees and fountains. Even the tower and the bridge was equipped with a modern architectural lights.
One of them, Malevolent bridge Brigde. Pedestrian bridge has a modern design with round hollow steel utilization so as to create space and dimensions that are suitable as a relaxing area to take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere of the night in Tehran. Naturally, if the bridge is one of the icons of Tehran.
Visitors are not charged to enter this area, because this bridge together with the public parks are open to the public. You need not be afraid to capture the moment or even ask for help to be photographed.
Iran Tourism: Safe, Friendly, Attractive and Beautiful
Iran Tourism Safe, Friendly, Attractive and Beautiful
A citizen of Iran, Ali said, the Iranian people are very friendly towards foreign travelers, especially if you are a tourist from Indonesia.
kampung sampireun garut
Interestingly, unlike the previous shadow, Iranian women were also dressed in modern, similar to the European style of dress. Unlike the previous allegations widely reported in some media that is used scarf and veil.
How to use the veil is different, only cover part of their hair. However, once again the hospitality typical of Asia became one of the reasons this country deserves to be one of your travel destination.

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