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Is the Definition of Infertility?

Understanding Infertility and Causes

Infertility is considered as a failure, especially for married couples. Yes, the couple in question have been unsuccessful to get descent because one or both were equally barren. Scientific terms can be called also with infertility, which means less or infertile. This is where we have to understand infertility and its causes.



Couples experiencing infertility may be considered if:

They do not contain despite having intercourse for one year without contraception (women aged 35 years).
Especially for women, they are not able to maintain the pregnancy.

Then, why there is infertility? This is what should be understood by everyone. How do we all have to understand infertility and its causes. Once you know what it is infertility, it’s good we also know what the cause of infertility. To make it easier, the cause of infertility can be divided into two, namely the male factor (30-40% of cases) and female factors (40-50% of cases).

Male factor

Occur in the sperm production process, namely the increase in temperature in the testes due to fever or excessive heat. The increase in temperature will result in reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm count growth, and reduced sperm motility.
Sperm count is also very dependent on the intake of certain drugs. For that avoid the use of marijuana or drugs containing cimetidine, nitrofurantoin, and spironolactone.
The presence of a disease affecting the testicles or the channel to the testis (vas deferens), thus resulting sperm is not formed at all. One of the diseases that most affect the formation of sperm is a varicocele. A varicocele is a widening of anatomical abnormalities in the form of veins in the scrotum (testes) thereby blocking the drainage of blood from the testicles.
Disease or other disorder is retrograde ejaculation, namely cement reverse flow should flow into the penis instead flows into the bladder. This is common in men with diabetes and post surgical removal of the prostate. However, retrograde ejaculation can also happen due to abnormalities of nerve function.
While other causes of infertility is due to impotence, smoking, hormone deficiency, consumption of foods / beverages that interfere with metabolic processes of reproduction, environmental pollution, and the formation of scar tissue as a result of sexually transmitted diseases.

Female factor

Generally caused by problems with the reproductive organs, and one of them is the same happened also in men, ie the formation of scar tissue as a result of sexually transmitted diseases or commonly called endometriosis.
Issues other reproductive organs are ovulatory dysfunction, ie abnormalities in the release of eggs by the egg. One cause could be no release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) by the hypothalamus.
Likewise, in case of hormonal disorders, malnutrition, ovarian cysts, pelvic infections (same as in men), and tumor.
Abnormalities of the cervical mucus. In women are cervical mucus (phlegm Reher womb) which serves to extend the survival of sperm in the womb as well as a filter to prevent the entry of bacteria.
Other abnormalities that occur in the transport system of the cervix to the fallopian tubes or channels occurs in the egg. This can be caused by infection, endometriosis, and binding of tubal sterilization action.

Hopefully, with the above explanation, we all came to understand infertility and its causes.

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