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Know Your Skin Diseases in the Face

There are several kinds of skin diseases, but most often gets the spotlight is a skin disease that affects the face. Hence the importance of knowing a skin disease on the face. Despite its small surface area, skin disease on the face very risky because there are parts of the body that is directly related to that part of the body. The parts of the body it is the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. Tips Merawat Rambut Wanita Berhijab Agar Tetap Sehat



In addition, parts of the face tend to be highly considered because it relates to a person’s appearance, more so for women. Women assume the face is an asset that must be maintained with regard to its function in socializing, especially dealing with the opposite sex. Quite often they are willing to spend a lot of fund despite what happened in the face is not a form of the disease. Call it in this case is plastic surgery.

Common skin disease that affects the face, especially during puberty puberty to adulthood is acne or acne. Acne can be grown on a growing part that contains a lot of oil. So, in addition to the face, acne can also appear and grow in the chest and back. Acne appears due to blockage of the pores of the skin so that the oil produced by the oil glands can not come out well. In normal conditions, this oil is used to moisturize the skin and protect from the sun.

There are also other types of acne that appears on the face, ie blackheads. Blackheads are also called black-headed pimples. While acne that appears at puberty do not need to worry because it is the effect of the hormonal cycle that usually goes away by itself. Besides acne also boil. Boils are caused due to a bacterial infection on the skin. Ulcers form of a lump containing yellow liquid called pus.

By knowing the skin disease on the face as described above, we expected more skin hygiene. There are many causes which gave rise to the skin disease. Some of these include fungal infections, bacterial infections, allergic reactions (skin allergy), and even insect bites. Skin diseases are also affected by internal and external conditions. And not infrequently, the skin disease that one can come up with other skin diseases. Of which can not be seen until that could be fatal to it can cause death.

Should be wary of is a skin disease that initially no harm and was not dealt with properly even cause harm. For example, skin cancer. Although in general skin cancer caused by exposure to sunlight, especially ultraviolet light, but be wary of other securities such as common skin disease that is not quickly addressed.

Hopefully, with no explanation above, we are all more familiar with the skin disease on the face and know how to prevention and treatment. Congratulations.

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