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Learning Tracks Need Sharing Feelings – Typically, equestrian interest arises when children as young as toddlers or at any elementary school. If there is a chance of riding, for example, in places like the zoo, mountainous areas and others, children might like to try.



Children generally enjoy toys that are engaged in various forms. Call it a carousel or swing.

They also had the opportunity to establish interaction with animals responding. The nature bold and confident boy also usually get a positive response from parents and family.

Children are equipped with a natural talent for riding because it is more flexible and pliable, adapt quickly and be able to follow the horse swing with ease.

Interests riding not only occur in children but also in adults although for different reasons.

What often happens is the parent of a child who is learning riding so also interested or adults just want to realize my childhood dream, to feel the freedom, power and grace, is a reality.

Like other sports, riding was charged risk. Therefore, it is advisable to learn the technique of riding correctly in order to control the horse in any situation.

Good technique and correct also provide better comfort for the rider. Also makes riding as a fun activity.

In many regions there are facilities or schools that provide learning facilities riding horseback. Nowadays the national federation recorded 25 equestrian club.

For info: should not contact the riding school on Monday. Because, for a horse riding around the world on Monday is a holiday!

In addition to standard amenities appropriate field, certainly needed horses that have been trained school for beginners ditunggang. Also needed an experienced coach.


Supplies beginning to riders consists of equestrian helmet (if necessary loaned to the school), pants (if you can not be too loose for easy pinched), and shoes with few rights (preferably ankle).

If you want to continue and for the comfort of the rider, has recommended helmets, gloves, pants and boots riding alone.

We recommend that you practice 2-3 times per week. In addition to learning riding techniques, beginners are also introduced to horsemanship, namely how to interact with horses, how to care for horses, and the installation of equipment such as riding saddles, reins, and others.

In the early stages of learning to ride, beginners will dilongser for approximately 30 minutes. Longser or lunging is practiced around the coach to control the horse with a 7 m long rope connected to the mouth piece (mouthpiece) horse. That way, beginners can concentrate on themselves and not have to worry about the horse.

The first are taught how to sit properly, find the balance of the body in any way motion of the horse (walk, trot, canter), and how to provide relief to the horse to control it.

In principle, the horse is moved with the calf and was stopped by the control, but the way the rider sits and sounds are also categorized as aid.

Depending on the rider’s talent, will dilongser as much as approximately four times the exercise, then released to exercise without rope Longser. Practice time is also longer at 45 minutes.

If it can find balance and control the horse well, exercise pattern also intensified and ultimately riders can follow the match.

After some time practicing horse riding, look to where the talents and interests of the rider leads. Riders who likes riding in a calm and subtle usually choose dressage. More daring and who are looking for action will lead to the Show Jumping. Were pleased traveled usually choose Endurance and who have a talent for various numbers leads to Eventing.

Although it does not have to have your own horse, a rider must have a moment to consider the idea. Finding a mate horses with riders and horsemen to support activities is not easy. Got a horse is also a great responsibility.

Journey of a novice rider to be an athlete is only through the achievement made. The better your performance, the better the material or horses that can ditunggangnya.

Regardless of gender and backgrounds, and whether a rider chose the riding remain as an amateur or as a professional rider to coach, all can participate and enjoy the diverse sports.

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