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Living tranquility

Physics, biology, astronomy, and chemistry has shown us that the world was created by the rules and measures neat. There is no place for something that happened by chance, all running following the laws that God has created in this universe.

“… And He has created everything, and He determined it most exactly.” (Surah Al Furqaan: 2)

“We have created everything according to the measure.” (Surah Al-Qamar: 49)

And, of course, God created all of this is not without purpose. Not possible without purpose. Sure, there will always be wisdom behind all creation ini.Namun, confidence will all this wisdom, it does not mean we will know it. Due to the limitations of human knowledge, could have wisdom-that wisdom still hidden, not revealed by this limited view of human beings.



“… Maybe you do not like something, but God made him much good. “(QS. An-Nisa ‘: 19)

“Perhaps you hate something, when he is very good for you, and may (also) you like something, when he is very bad for you; Allah knows, while you know not. “(QS. Al-Baqarah: 216)

And, I believe that this limitation also gives extraordinary wisdom for human life. Not everything has to be no answer, we need to believe is all for our own good. The evidence is clear and we have memorized that Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Sometimes we try hard, but the results are not as forthcoming. I said as if it was just because our limited view. Strategy, tactics, and advance planning are not always going to produce something that is in accordance with our wishes. It may be that God has prepared another that will certainly be better than that.

“… You do not know God may hold after it’s something new.” (Surah Ath Thalaaq: 1)

“And you can not will (following the path it) except where the will of God, the Lord of hosts. (At Takwir: 29)

If I endeavor was solely due to fulfill God’s command. Humans just trying, but God who determines the effects and results. And I feel confident that the result and the results are chosen of God for me is the best for me.

If so, why do we have to fear and worry in life? Is not it all for our own good. Bitter may feel bitter that we experienced. We do not like. We hate it. Though perhaps it is best for us.

O Allah, forgive your servant. Who often complain by giving you. Who often forget that you give the best.

Hopefully, from this moment I feel at ease against the grace of God, His justice, His wisdom, and His knowledge. Life is quieter due to “see” the role of God in every event and every affair. A quiet life, because life in the protection and care of God.

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