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Macam – Macam Natural Face Mask – Dressed charming with a smooth face that would require separate treatment in it, one of which you can take with a facial treatment using a wide range of natural mask for the face. Various vitamin and mineral content of the fruit is believed to be formulated for the face mask that is able to provide beauty for the face naturally with only minor side effects. Not only the content of natural mask is good for skin health, but a natural mask of the fruit is also quite economical for you so safely in the bag. Cara memutihkan kulit tubuh dengan cepat



Kinds of Natural Mask

Not all types of fruit you can to make it as a mask for your face. The content and texture of the fruit need to be considered in choosing a good fruit to mask the facial skin. Well, here are a few references fruit that you can make your face as a mask material, namely:

1. Fruit cucumber

Cucumber is a kind of fruit – fruit that is enriched with vitamins and abundant water. This makes the content of cucumber as a substrate manufacture natural face mask that is widely used in the market. The majority of women also choose cucumbers as a facial mask because the fruit is quite easy to find on the market. Making natural mask for the face of cucumber you can do by cutting a thin cucumber in the direction vertical to the sphere-shaped cucumbers – thin circle. Then, paste the cucumber slices in all parts of your face evenly and let stand about 5-10 minutes on the face. After settling download cucumber slices on your face and rinse with clean water.

2. Fruit bengkoang

Besides cucumber, yam is also a type of fruit that is appropriate when used as a natural mask for the face. The content of vitamin D present in the fruit bengkoang believed efficacious to whiten and moisturize the skin. To make a face mask of yam, you need to do some of the following ways:

Clean bengkoang of skin
Grated yam until smooth
Take juice by squeezing grated yam yam
Then endapkan sari bengkoang
When you have no deposits bengkoang, you just rub the yam extract sediment on your face evenly
After 5-10 minutes, rinse the mask bengkoang with clean water

3. Avocados

The fruit has a dark green color is pretty nutritious when consumed by the body. Not only that, the existing content in avocado fruit, it is also efficacious for natural facial masks. How to make a mask from an avocado is easy enough by applying avocado on your face evenly and let sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with clean water. For optimal results, you can use a natural mask for the face regularly and routinely.

Well, not easy enough to make a mask of a variety of this fruit? Kind of – kind natural mask for the face is indeed a beautiful solution for women today.

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