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Mystery and Myth Message from Bottle

Have you heard the message of the bottle? Message in a Bottle is a message or text that was written by the sender and then put in a bottle and then thrown into the sea. The purpose of this message was not clear to anyone, because these bottles will continue to follow the waves of sea water.



Either the message in a bottle which is berlabbuh and by whom will be found. Typically bottles used is water-resistant bottle, like-bottles made of glass or plastic. It dinaksudkan that message in a bottle not habcur tekena seawater.

Message in a bottle is not only seen in the movies drama. Actually, in ancient times the message in a bottle is used as a communication tool tradisiona. Usually they were using was an emergency message is very important.

For example a request for help in doing ship was destroyed by a storm or people who get lost on a desert island. But now the message in this bottle is not used, because it is considered much less effective in its delivery.

Message in a bottle of this did not escape the mysterious story. This mysterious tale comes from Matsuyama Chunosuke records. He was a sailor from Japan who are victims of a shipwreck. He and 44-man crew became victims in 1784. Their boats sank immediately hit by a storm and at the time was traveling in the Pacific ocean. Matsu and some of the crew survived and were stranded in the remote Pacific atoll.

For a long time they were stranded on a remote island. One by one the crew was killed by starvation. Finally Matsu had the idea to write the story of what they have experienced in the bark and put into bottles.

Then he threw the bottle into the ocean in the hope there would be giving aid. 150 years later, the bottle is found right in the birthplace of Matsu. Until now still a mystery how the message in the bottle can get to the village kelahisan Matsu.

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