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Natural Ways to Treat Burns and scars – Burns is a kind of injury to the skin caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, radiation and much more. Burns affect the outer skin or degree burn injury I. If it penetrates the skin layer, this is termed degree burns skin layer II. and burns on all exposed skin layer III degree, as the injury extends to the whole part of the skin layers. While the most severe burns ie skin layer IV degrees as wound down to the deeper tissues which, for example, until the muscles and bones.



For treatment of burns depends on the severity of the burn. For example superficial burns or burns we usually enough to treat it with anti-pain biased, but if severe burns we must require that exstra medical care to more precisely Caucasian doctor. source Wikipedia

Natural Ways to Treat Burns and scars

And here I am trying to describe some tips for treating burns and scars of acne naturally lukaatau / traditional.

Milk / Yoghurt

Milk is a complement of healthy foods, and milk is so many kinds there are canned milk, soy milk, milk wild horses and many more, apparently friends of milk besides falsifies healthy food turned out to milk can treat burns, and milk that we use to treat These burns are from fat-free milk such as skim milk, by the way used to clean the burn at alcohol and flush the milk into the hands or feet were burning, set aside some time, in order to absorb the nutrients inside.

Milk Yogurt To Treat Burns

Cucumbers and potatoes

Potato or cucumber known as vegetable material, turns potatoes and cucumbers have a lot of benefits of friends, one of them for skin and beauty, in addition to beauty treatments turned out to be potatoes and cucumbers can be used to treat burns, because the cucumber or potato able to absorb the heat on the affected skin burns, by way of set 2 pieces 2 pieces of cucumber and fresh potatoes, wash and then blend until crushed then apply on the affected arm or leg burn, let stand until absorbed and dries.

Cucumbers and potatoes To Treat Burns


Honey is a lot of benefits in addition to beauty treatments turned out to be honey to treat burns friends because honey contains antiseptic, with Cara as follows prepare honey, instead of honey from the store friends yes, because honey from the store already mixed together preservative less well if used to the drug, and enough friends applying honey to the affected arm or leg burn and let stand until the nutrients of the honey soak into.

Honey to Treat Burns

Aloe vera

Latin aloe vera or what is known as Indonesia is Aloe Vera and a lot of benefits, one of which aloe vera can cure burns quickly because the aloe vera gel is able to absorb heat and help accelerate the recovery of the skin tissue. By way of take aloe from the stem that is still fresh and plenty of its gel content, and friends break the aloe vera and drop it into the arm or leg affected his burns, the recommended do it regularly until the burn dries

Aloe vera Able to Treat Burns


Plant lavender in the know as can repel mosquitoes besides it turns out we can use it to heal skin burns, how it’s used is prepared in the form of lavender oil, friends taukan lavender oil? .. Many ko in the stalls, and prepare aloe vera and mix mix well, then spread the mixture into the foot or the hand-burn.

Lavender Can Treat Burns

Banana peel

Banana skin is very dangerous if we waste anywhere can make orng else terpelest because the banana skin, but it turns out friends behind that banana peel is very powerful once to treat burns on the skin, with the way we can simply rub a banana skin to burn until the skin the banana discolored skin so that the nutritional content of the banana soak into.

Banana skin Can Treat Burns


Vinegar is often used to flavor foods such as meatball vendor like providing vinegar, besides vinegar friends also very powerful if used to treat skin burns, pour the vinegar to a cotton then clean out the burn with clean water and kompreskan vinegar with cotton on the hands and feet are affected by the burn, and do this continuously if the cotton that we kompreskan dries.

Vinegar Can Treat Burns

How to remove scars, burns and how it’s used

Noni Juice

The content of Noni Juice is a compound scopoletin and excellent anti-inflammatory. Many people have tried the efficacy of the benefits of Noni Juice is used to remove burn scars on the skin. The following way, prepare a small towel and noni juice, then wet the towel in Noni Juice then kompreskan the arm or leg that is no trace of the burn, let stand until dry, then wash with clean water and warm, recommended for maximum results do regularly and routinely at least three times a day until the scars disappear.

Mint leaves

Mentha Piperita or mint leaves this is a plant that is often used as ingredients for the health of human organs such as listerin or drugs to rinse your mouth, wind oil and toothpaste, in addition mint leaves are often used for the treatment of skin with acne, wound victims fuel and eliminate scars. Denagn way, provide mint leaves, wash with clean and blend until crushed then spread to the arms and legs are a lot of scars.

leaves Pare

Pare, or can call also this pariah to taste very bitter and unpleasant if not accustomed to eating, behind the bitter taste it turns out a lot of benefits, such as to tighten the breast with leaves pare, in addition to the leaves of bitter melon is useful to remove scars burns on the skin, by the way provide some leaves of fresh bitter melon, wash them clean. finely crushed then flush with warm water a little. Then add the rice flour to taste and stir well. Then apply the mixture on all parts of the former burn let stand until dry and rinse thoroughly.

Green tea

green tea leaf antioxidant content is very high compared to vitamin E the name of antioxidants from the tea leaves are epigallocatechin gallate and were able to reduce the activity of hormones that lead to acne, slow the inflammation of the skin and uncontrolled production of oil in the face, but it can reduce black spots such as acne scars. And many are using natural toner from green tea leaves is as follows
Provide a small towel, and brewed green tea leaves a towel input into a solution of green tea, then wipe the entire body especially on the part of many black spots.


Cucumis sativus cucumber or contain potassium, vitamin C, very well to ward off free radicals, and also the water content in cucumber is quite big. experts in the world have discovered silica content, the silica content in cucumbers is very useful to accelerate the production of collagen and can avoid rapid onset of wrinkles on the skin. Cucumber so much in use by herbalists for skin health and beauty as well as tighten facial skin and treat acne up to eliminate black spots or even burn scars using this cucumber fruit. Here’s how to get rid of black spots or burns on the skin provide some fresh cucumber, cucumber wash with clean, cut into small cucumbers that have been cleaned earlier and then puree with a crusher such as a blender until smooth. Then maskerkan to face all night at the recommended doing a week 4 times to get maximum results.

Maybe that’s all my reviews on how kcara lua treat burns and scars ataujerawat with natural ingredients, hopefully the above tips than I can help my friends all .. do not forget to read also about how to remove stubborn blackheads in the face

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