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Nutrition Investment For The Future

Baldness and wrinkles is actually just a small part of your concerns regarding the physical conditions in the 40s. It could be spanned age, your body is like a walking time bomb. For example, research Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute found that about 30 percent of men in their 40s have prostate cancer without symptoms. That is, the cancer was already there but almost never been detected. This is just one of the facts, so that the 40s are often labeled as the “decade of the disease.” And do not forget about obesity: Even if you managed to avoid the disease in their 30s, keep your waist circumference also not be easier at this age , The solution? An attack that are overcoming the enemy that threatens your body. His weapon: Simply spoon and fork only.manfaat penting biji mangga yang wajib diketahui



Fats Expenditure noted. The meal with friends or a dinner in a party is a quick way to make your gut expands.
The strategy: The adoption of a system of points. Assign a value to each menu:
- 2 points for salad
- 3 points for an appetizer
- 2 points for the main course
- 4 points for dessert
- 2 points for alcoholic beverages.
Please message whatever you want, but limit yourself to a total of six points. To implement this system, choose from each category only once.

Prone to Skin Cancer. Moles that mutated is scary, but the food can help overcome: Researcher National Cancer Institute ensures that people with a high intake of carotenoids -pigmen that of the crop-six times less risk of skin cancer compared with those with a low intake. “Beta-carotene is an internal sun visor,” said Regina Goralczyk, Ph.D.
The strategy: As a precaution, eat two sweet potatoes every week. This will give you betacarotene weekly by the same amount-as the man who became the subject of research. Other top sources are carrots and cantaloupe (a type of melon).

Shrinking muscles. The average man to lose three kilograms of muscle at the age of 50 years. However, in addition to lifting weights, you can protect your muscles to give them a supply of high-quality protein.
The strategy: Tuna is one of the best protein sources -containing zero saturated fat. How to get a better body, muscle builders follow the recipe below: Rub olive oil on a 6-ounce tuna steaks, season with a little pepper, and place on the grill that had been heated in advance. Bake until half cooked for 7 to 10 minutes on each side. Meanwhile, mix 3 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, and 2 tablespoons of water, and material input into the microwave for 30 seconds. When ready to eat tuna, baluri with a little sauce is heated in the microwave earlier. As a complement, serve tuna with ½ cup of brown rice.

You Workaholic. Do not let the long days on your desk damaging healthy eating habits.
The strategy: Look who’s minifridge, messages, and have sent directly to your office. Fill it with foods that make you not embarrassed to bring it to the meeting: A glass of milk; a slice of cheese; a few ounces of turkey; and some healthy foods that stay warmed in the microwave for a case of “emergency”.

Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer. Sex probably will not kill you, but you can sex glands. Fortunately, Harvard researchers found that men with the highest selenium levels of risk of prostate cancer fell 48 percent compared to those with the lowest intake of selenium.
The strategy: Eat three Brazil nuts every day. That will give you 200 mcg of selenium, the exact amount required to keep your prostate cancer risk at a safe level. Mushrooms are also helpful: Half a cup of cooked portobello mushrooms -containing more than 35 mcg, or nearly 20 percent of the amount you need each day.

Deteriorating eyesight. National Institutes of Health found that people who eat a lot of lutein -karotenoid found in food nabati- 43 percent less likely to develop macular degeneration. Lutein helps filter out blue light, thereby preventing damage to the retinal tissue.
The strategy: Eat two servings of vegetables every day. Consider taking a portion of the form ½ cup spinach, broccoli or Brussels sprouts are cooked.

Narrowing of the arteries. High cholesterol is a killer.
The strategy: Take a handful of grapes to be consumed every day. Antioxidants in the skin of red grapes has been associated with a reduction in LDL cholesterol and clogged arteries. A glass of red wine are also useful. In a recent study in Spain, the scientists found that red wine reduces arterial inflammation markers by 21 percent. Alcohol also thins the blood, as do aspirin if consumed every day.

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