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Overcoming Dry Scalp and scaly

The skin is the outermost layer of the human body that may change due to various factors, such as genetic factors or lifestyle that is less good. Body skin can become dry due to lack of nutrition, and no exception can occur on the scalp. Dry scalp with dandruff usually identical, where flaky scalp cells and accumulate in the head so that it becomes a kind of dirt. You certainly do not want this to happen for too long on your scalp, is not it? So, a few steps to overcome the scalp dry and scaly below you can apply as a way out.cara perawatan wajah



How To Solve Dry Scalp and scaly Natural

Avoid Excessive Use of Hair Care Products
Particularly for women, hair is one body part that likes to be styled or treated. Not infrequently hair beauty products in large quantities and varies in type lined up in the ladies room. But unfortunately, too much in use or regulation of hair care products it can eliminate the nutrients and natural moisture of the skin of your head, you know. Some care products and hair styling certainly has its own consequences if too often used in large quantities. The product in question is a shampoo, hair gel, hair dyes, or hair spray. All of these products must contain chemicals that are not necessarily friendly to the hair and scalp. So, avoid as much as possible the use of excessive, yes!

Note Environmental Conditions

Now, consider the environment you are. Whether this condition is met and matched with the health of your scalp? In general, the weather or cold temperatures can cause the skin to become dry, not to mention your scalp. Well, if you are an office employee who worked from morning until late in the rooms are air-conditioned, dry and bersisiknya your scalp may have come from there. In addition, the weather being cold can be one factor. Siasati by not lingering in the air-conditioned room or set temperature is not too cold, or use an additional moisturizer if the weather is being cold. Also use protective headgear such as a hat or a beanie hat to protect your scalp from direct exposure to the cold. You certainly can not change the weather, is not it?

Healthy Food Consumption

Overcoming dry and flaky scalp can also do with changing your diet or your consumption patterns. Skin nourishment and moisturizing natural beauty products you use and of course the food and beverages you consume. So, consume foods that contain nutrients and a high nutrition for your skin. Do not eat foods containing excessive sugar can actually make your body more easily dehydrated, so it is not fully formed collagen in the skin. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry, fine lines and scaly arise. The content of zinc, fatty acids, and vitamin B is needed, especially for your skin moisture.

Nourishing Scalp

Lastly, is to make sure that your scalp is getting adequate nutrition. Therefore, make sure that you choose a quality shampoo products with specific content for dry scalp. It can give you the nutrients scalp at least 2 days. Additionally, you can also use a variety of natural materials as a hair mask so that the scalp is always awake moisture and elasticity. There are a lot of natural ingredients that you can use, including those that can easily be found at home.

Well, how? Not too difficult to cope with dry and flaky scalp, is not it? You just need to make sure that your scalp has sufficient nutrients so it can grow properly.

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