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Prevent Wrinkles to Steer 4 About It – Wrinkles are a sign of aging, increasing age this sign will be more apparent. Unfortunately, wrinkles are not just attack someone who has old age. Wrinkles can attack someone who is young. Not only genetic factors, some things such as unhealthy lifestyle can make the process of wrinkles on the skin. Obat Alami untuk rambut rontok



Ladies, here are some habits that can increase the risk of wrinkles as reported womenshealthmag.com namely:

Lazy Cleaning Face

Routine cleaning the face is very important, because it will keep your skin clean and healthy. Leaving makeup still attached, will create pores closed. This will cause wrinkles.

Smoking not only causes your health to be bad. Smoking is also believed to speed up the arrival of wrinkles on the skin. Chemicals in cigarettes can cause lung cancer and accelerated aging.
Not Using Moisturizers

Even though you are in a damp and cold does not mean you do not need a skin moisturizer and sunscreen. Moisturizer with SPF 30 is recommended to maintain the skin to avoid the problem of premature aging and wrinkles that make you look unattractive.
Sleep is Not Enough

Your habit of sleeping the night will make the aging process goes quickly. Sleep on time, and avoid sleeping too late will help reduce the risk of disturbing the appearance of your wrinkles.
Diet patterns

If you want to have a healthy body and look young, always menaga diet will help you stay beautiful. If you avoid the consumption of sugar and fat, not just weight is reduced, the elasticity of your skin is too reduced. Poor diet will affect the wrinkles on your skin.

Ladies, so 5 things you should avoid in order to free from wrinkles. By leading a healthy life not only healthier you get, but wrinkle-free skin was no longer a dream.

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