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Rachmawati Reject Film “Sukarno: Indonesia Merdeka” – Not yet aired, the latest movie filmed hanung bramantyo, Sukarno: Indonesia Merdeka, has drawn protests. This time, the protests came from rachmawati soekarnoputri, one of the daughters of the Republic of Indonesia’s first president Sukarno.

Rachmawati the movie starring actor Ario Bayu it does not fit with what he wants as the originator of the film. Rachmawati also protested and asked the producers did not show it in cinemas.

Rachmawati explained, the film Sukarno: Indonesia Merdeka is the fruit of his idea, which was submitted to Hanung. From that introduction, Hanung then introduced him to Ram Punjabi in order to realize the idea of ​​the film.

“Hanung said, ‘Like it or not introduced by a producer who has long been in the field of cinema?’ I said, ‘Nah hurt. Who is the producer?’ Nah Soon, it turns out he wanted me to arrange a meeting with Ram, “the story Rachmawati during a press conference in Menteng, Jakarta, Friday (09/13/2013).

Source : http://assets.kompas.com/data/photo/2013/06/15/0811374Soekarno1780x390.jpg

Source : http://assets.kompas.com/data/photo/2013/06/15/0811374Soekarno1780x390.jpg

From that meeting, an agreement emerged. Rachmawati agree Soekarno filmed with certain conditions. Among other things, Rachmawati want to figure Sukarno, who plays the main character is determined by it. He also asked to be involved to the maximum for each scene in order to assist the Soekarno remains similar gesture of what he knows.

However, Rachmawati mention two conditions are not met by Ram and Hanung. Both, further Rachmawati, instead opting for the main star to actor Ario Bayu.

The other thing of course less comfortable because Hanung could not bring the figure of Sukarno intact. “Hanung’s only direct downloading, how (know) gesture Sukarno, Hanung right not met,” continued Rachmawati. film indonesia terbaru

Feeling line, Rachmawati also decided to withdraw from the production. Ram Punjabi mengamininya.

According Rachmawati, when he withdrew, it should be stopped film production, too. “With dilayangkannya answer my letter, MVP agreed to cancel the contract. Well, it’s the subject in a cooperation agreement. Its object, the movie. Production aja baseball match, should break. The movie is completed, stopped,” said Rachmawati.

In fact, the production continues and Sukarno: Indonesia Merdeka ready for broadcast. This is what makes it objected.

Rachmawati ask the producers for not turning it to the wider community.

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