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Recognize Symptoms of Dengue Here – Dengue fever or dengue fever commonly called an infection caused by dengue virus is spread, or transmitted by some species of mosquitoes. One type of mosquitoes that spread the virus are mosquitoes of the genus Aedes such as Aedes aegypti or Aedes albociptus. Dengue fever including the type of disease dangerous to watch.



dengue symptoms

Dengue fever attacked various countries of the world especially those having tropical and sub tropical climates especially in damp places that cleanliness is less assured as during the rainy season.

Dengue fever can affect anyone, infants, children and adults. To recognize the dengue fever is not easy because basically the human body responds to infection and illness when fever. Though dengue must be addressed if terlemabat known to be fatal.

Signs and symptoms of dengue fever

To recognize the signs and symptoms of dengue fever should be observed carefully. Here are six symptoms of dengue fever that must be recognized.

1. Head ache and very heavy, especially on the forehead.
2. a high fever suddenly
3. Feels pain in the joints and body.
4. Nausea and even vomiting.
5. The face becomes pale and reddish
6. If the examination in the laboratory menunkukkan decrease in leukocytes and platelets being less than 100ribu and hematocrit or blood kekentalah increased.

When terdektsi dengue symptoms should immediately be brought to a doctor to get first aid. One important thing to do is to drink fluids as much as possible. IHal is important when through a critical phase, which is when the leakage of plasma in the blood vessel cells that cause death.

Dengue prevention is very important. Secondhand goods graves potentially make tergenangnya dirty water. Always keep the shower drain as diligent.


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