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Revoking risk Underarm Hair – Most women prefer a clean armpits, smooth without hair. But do not arbitrarily cleaning armpits, you know. Choose the safest way. Just so you know, plucking the armpit manually or with sophisticated technology, each containing risk.

Resiko Mencabut Bulu Ketiak

Resiko Mencabut Bulu Ketiak

Risk manually plucking the armpit hairs with tweezers.
Plucking the armpit hairs with tweezers done piecemeal and repeatedly. The risk is, is going to hurt, and if unplug not get to the root, the hair will quickly grow a few days later. Other risks, plucking the armpit hairs with tweezers make pores appear enlarged and prominent armpit. This is because the skin follicles damaged. To prevent this, when plucking the armpit, try to pull in a tug and follow the direction of hair growth, so that the skin is not damaged follicles and minimize enlarged pores. The underarm skin pore enlargement in addition to disturbing the view, also potentially lead to disease, such as inflammation, swelling or even an infection that can cause cell mutation triggers breast cancer.

Risk plucking the armpit by way of waxing.
Wax is a way of plucking the armpit hairs at once with membalurkan viscous liquid (wax) evenly in the armpits and dragged to the paper in a short time so that the feathers lifted / uprooted. In this way the results are durable and very practical. However, the risk must be strong in pain.

Risk plucking the armpit using a laser.
Laser hair removal works by applying a laser light spectrum to kill the root of the hair in the armpit. The risk is, only the coarse hairs to be removed, fuzz remains. Other risks, make underarms feel hot and uncomfortable, often underarm skin becomes dry and acne.

Risk plucking the armpit with Electrolysis technique.
Electrolysis is a method of plucking the armpit, both coarse fur and feathers only thin, automatically. How it works, every strand of hair from the roots targeted and destroyed using an electric current. Risk plucking the armpit hairs in this way is a skin irritation, so it takes several stages of healing after treatment.

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