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It is no secret if Bandung referred to as the center of the most popular leather industry in Indonesia. Various sellers from all regions in Java always subscribe genuine leather jacket in the city, especially Garut. But how consumer interest in the outer and whether there are other leather industry centers outside Java? Consumer interest towards genuine leather jacket is increasingly rising. This increase not only in Java alone. Outside Java, enthusiasts of authentic leather jackets are also growing. One of the city with many enthusiasts leather jacket is West Sumatra. Not surprisingly, in this area there are local industries that sell leather jackets man western Sumatra, precisely located in the city of Padang Panjang. Leather craft in the city of Padang Panjang existed long ago and are hereditary. The city industrial centers in Padang Panjang leather jacket is down and Market Silaing Obsolete.

image from: http://distributorjaketkulit.com

image from: http://distributorjaketkulit.com

The producers were selling leather jacket male western Sumatra at both these locations is not a luxury good bulk industry. It means that the industry is only producing leather jacket West Sumatra by order so that the quality is unquestionable. The price is more expensive because it is produced on a small scale with the best quality and the model is not the market. Skin purchasing system in this city is more complicated, the craftsmen only do tannery only. The skin is then sold to other regions such as Java to be processed. If it gets the order a leather jacket, the craftsmen will come back to buy the material that has been processed from the island of Java and make it real leather jacket West Sumatra.

Producers who sell leather jackets men rely sheepskin western Sumatra as the main ingredient. Leather fiber have been strong character but still elastic and flexible to be formed into a variety of models. Just like the leather jacket sheep in general, the interior fabric using Fabric “DOURMEUIL” so it feels soft and not hot when used to perform everyday activities. Stitches from producers from Padang Panjang are also very neat and nice that has been formed in accordance with the anatomy of the body for the convenience of consumers.┬ávisit my collections fashion leather jacket http://distributorjaketkulit.com thanks

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