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For men who first became a father is likely to gain weight. Meanwhile, those who do not have children will actually lose weight at the beginning of their adult life.
So Dad, Men’s Weight Increase
So Dad, Men's Weight Increase
It is obtained in a study involving 10,000 men aged adolescents up to 34 years. Approximately one third of the participants became a father at the age of 20 years.
The man who had become a father seen an increase in the average weight gain of 2.6 percent. In men with a height of 180 cm, weight gain can occur up to two kilograms of Live Science quoted as saying on Wednesday (07/22/2015).

Weight gain is due after becoming a father, these men have only little time for exercise. “The men have new responsibilities when to have children and do not have time to take care of themselves as exercising. At this time, fathers are more concerned with their families,” said professor of pediatrics and social science medical Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA, Craig Garfield.

Furthermore, when the baby grows up, there will be plenty of food such as cakes and fast food at home. When the child does not spend on food, usually the father will spend these foods. Things like this make the weight go up.

Conversely, those who do not have children even lost weight. It happens to most men involved the study ranging in age from 23 years to 30 years.

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